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Matt Wolfe Content Marketing Hacks For Sales & Authority

Today’s topic is pretty controversial because it’s a term thrown around a lot without much thought put into it: Content Marketing.

Are you looking for that edge online to get your client’s attention? Build a content marketing business machine that demonstrates your authority AND sales!

Are you not a good writer? Do you think you don’t know where to start with content? Or maybe you’ve tried it before but you just weren’t good at it?

If any of these apply to you, then this episode if just for you!

Before We Get Started:

My guest today is a father, husband, an author, advisor, angel investor, and a bit of a hacker. He’s the founder of which is his podcast where he interviews all kinds of awesome people on designing content and authority and creating massive value in the marketplace.

Matt speaks about how his main goal is to make sales. He says that if his content isn’t driving people to him and converting them to sales, then he knows it isn’t a good marketing strategy. He doesn’t want to waste time creating content.

Content should = sales.

Before You Go:

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