Matthew J Peters: Creating An Expert Empire From Zero TPIP: 0015

Matthew J Peters

Discover how Matthew J Peters, the founder of Expert Video Empire and an Emmy Award Winning Director and Executive Producer at Authority Marketing Films, created a massive online Empire from scratch.

Matthew transformed challenge and change into a $700,000 per year business. In this podcast interview, he shares the struggles he went through and how he turned a $5000 investment into the successful empire he’s created today.

In this Episode 15 you’re going to discover:

  • The one thing Matthew Struggled with to get to the point of creating a million dollar per year business
  • Why doing things for free or VERY low cost didn’t work for him and his business
  • The “Money Monk Mindset” that turned everything around for him
  • Why he abandoned books, live events, and low ticket info products
  • How your past unknowingly can support and even compliment your present challenges
  • How to broadcast yourself at your deepest core and make sure it’s attracting what you want
  • How to demonstrate your declaration of what you stand for
  • And much more…

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