Why I’m A Loser

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Why I’m A Loser

Why would I call myself a loser?

Well I’m not. Not in the context you may think. It’s a complete play on words to prove a point.

What thought came to mind when you first read the title?

This is a short post about what can you lose in order to gain clarity, peace and a piece of mind?

What It Means To Be A Loser

  • Losing an old way of thinking
  • Losing my perceptions of people & expectations of my experiences with them.  (Like you just had around the title of this post for example)
  • Losing my emotional attachments around stuff that I own that is temporary
  • Losing the people I may spend my time around that aren’t healthy for me mentally & emotionally
  • Losing my bad habits
  • Losing false beliefs
  • Losing a job or business that no longer fulfills me

These are just a few examples of things you could lose in your life that could free up your life energy. What could you be missing out on in the way of new experiences based on your old perceptions and beliefs? What joy could you be missing out on by losing some of the old stuff you don’t use anymore?

The more you poor out the more room you have left to put more in.

The more “stuff” you own the less success you can enjoy. Managing all of that stuff takes a LOT of management & stress.“-Eben Pagan

What could you lose right now, today, that would help you gain more clarity, purpose & peace?

Now you know why I’m a loser. 🙂

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