How Are You Moving Your Life Forward

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Moving Your Life Forward to Bring About A Desired Lifestyle

My good friend Matt Geib ask an in depth question to our last post, “3 Steps To Longer Lasting Decisions.” I started to answer it in the comments section however…

“How does one move their life forward to bring about Their desired and Abundant & Fulfilling Lifestyle?”

I went to reply to his comment in the comments section but soon found myself writing something that was far more than just a simple reply. It required it’s own zip code by the time I found myself finished so I’ve dedicated this post to Matt’s question.

Fulfillment Through Experience

As far as the question it’s one I’ve been asking of myself for the past few months so it may not be complete and I will love your feedback. So I will answer it through my own experiences as of late.

I have my hands in so many projects right now of which only 1 or 2 am I finding I’m truly passionate about. First things first before you move forward you have to identify you have a purpose for moving forward and a vehicle in order to deliver that purpose.

If you don’t have either one of those I believe it’s a process of finding those out first. That process has always consisted of  me stepping outside of my normal day to day actions & habits. To find what may be my calling I feel I must delve into other actions outside of my day to day norms. Be around others I’ve not normally been & have experiences I’ve never had.

For example I replaced my traditional self employed office job 9 years ago with a home based business. I started that business part time while I was working my traditional office business. After almost 2 years I walked away from the “job.” However I had to:

  1. Step outside of my normal actions
  2. Be around people I wasn’t normally around.
  3. Changed my environment even if it was just a little bit at first.

I become passionate about the services I was marketing way before I ever started marketing them. I believed in the services because they gave me a desired result & emotional experience I’d never been able to experience before.

I found what was fulfilling in that moment (serving others) as well as providing a very real need in the market place. All while the results financially were taking me somewhere I wanted to go. A freedom based life style.

The biggest secret to moving forward is changing your environment. Who you hang out with, where you hang out. What you see, hear and watch is so critical. Just getting a glimpse of the type of environment that serves your end result can be the catalyst to moving you forward out of your current lifestyle. You’ll find yourself taking daily & consistent action because the new environment makes you feel good.

The abundance & lifestyle is a result in my opinion not a destination or a focus. When it becomes the total focus this is your ego taking over.  You’ll never find yourself fulfilled by your efforts because you’ll be focused on getting more rather than being more.

The Cycle Repeats As We Grow

I’ve grown as a person over the past few years and as I still do love the vehicle I’m driving but yes I am growing. (And it does provide me a great freedom based lifestyle) I didn’t have to create the vehicle because it was already there and had been put together by others.

I’m now able to replicate that same process as before however. Now for the past few years my passion has gone online and expressing myself, my lesson’s and my experiences through this blog. I’ve also been able to gain a lot of knowledge about marketing, social media and creating a business from scratch.

I’ve found my message and experiences resonate with so many people that now I feel my next calling is providing insight not only mentally but emotionally through actionable steps in order to break through to finding our purpose as well as creating businesses that reflect that.

I’m now doing several online marketing projects for other clients and again have stepped outside my traditional norm, and also putting myself around others I didn’t before. (And doing it all part time mind you) I’m gaining insight and the how to’s by simply doing it.

You see through my process I’m finding my passion and my calling. I’m not saying it has to take you 9 years, 5 years or even 12 months. You only have to make the decision to be open to that change and there for be the change you’re seeking in the world. It’s an often used quote but true.

No Excuse Zone

Listen, lack of financial funds, no prior knowledge of doing something or I don’t know how isn’t really an excuse to me these days because 9 years ago I made the decision to not let any of it stop me. It’s not our resources but our resourcefulness that makes all the difference. Hard times just requires outside of the box thinking.

Build something part time while you’re taking care of your immediate financial needs with a job. It’s that simple but does require discipline.

I feel Eckhart hits it on the head with living in fulfillment. “Our ego will always trick us into thinking we must be do or have more.”

What you want and what is a result is usually a blurred line for many of us. Don’t be fooled by the ego.

Yes vision boards are good, goal‘s are good and seeing what you desire is good. However those should only serve as reminders of the main objective, “What can I do to serve?” Whatever that action is, it is what will create the financial results that provides you all of that stuff.

One of the most powerful exercises for me was writing out “my perfect day.” That day only consisted of the types of experiences I desired in my life not so much the stuff my ego wanted.

Actionable Steps

I suggest putting your focus now on solving a problem for a group or niche and sharing with them the end result as an emotional experience. People will line up to pay you money for that result & emotional experience if they know they are really going to get it.

  1. You can do this by either positioning yourself with a home based business that you identify with as far as values & mission
  2. Start marketing online through affiliate marketing
  3. Start your own online business marketing information products

Admittedly I’ve done the first two and neither is as easy as people will attempt to make it seem. However I feel I’ve had modest success in both. I’m now in stage 3 of creating my own information products. Although the first two were not easy they have both helped me create the foundation of building a business and with very very little out of pocket cash.

My network marketing business has taught me more in the last 9 years about marketing, people, business philosophy, influence & personal development than any college could have. (Just my opinion) It also now allows me to focus some of my efforts on other area’s that I’m finding myself extremely passionate about.

So How Do You Move Forward

The answer to your question Matt isn’t always a clear path and I’m sure this isn’t the best answer in the world. However moving forward sometimes requires not knowing where the next step will lead you. You just need to take it anyway. If you don’t have a vehicle to move you forward, find one.

You have to be happy, excited & passionate about your life work. Because of that you’re actually being rather than just doing. That is fulfillment in my eyes. The money is a result and you know what? You probably will have to do all of this part time. Cut out the TV, cut out the Thursday night bowling or guys night out or whatever is sucking up your extra time.

I haven’t had TV or Cable for going on 3 years now. That’s how I’ve started figuring out this online thing. I did a pretty in depth post on 5 ways to create cash online and it actually does talk to you about finding markets and what to do.

You can do what is called “boot strapping” your business until you’re able to put your profits back into your business in order to grow it. My online efforts I’ve spent very very little money. Financial and Business Education is probably the biggest expense I’ve had.

But that’s a whole other story and maybe another blog post if you care to know about it. 😉

How are you moving forward right now?

What insight can you give Matt?

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