My Struggle My Gift Your Gain (Life Marketing In 2011)

My New Years Struggle

We’re coming up on that time of year where setting goals for the new year is upon us.

I just wanted to share with you what I’ve done to ensure my new year starts off on the right foot and I improve my chances of actually accomplishing the goals I set. If you feel it works for you too then cool. I’m going to provide you a cool worksheet that will assist you in doing the same.

But first let me tell you why I struggled so much and then what I figured out.

In the past whenever I set goals to grow my business or make “X” dollars in my prior home based business I had no idea just how much I was in my own way before I even got started.

You see I was working on a business model that quite frankly, wasn’t aligned with my hierarchy of values. I was working a network marketing business and I couldn’t stand the network marketing industry. The weird thing? I did it for 10 years.

I thought it was my ticket to freedom and in many ways it was.

  • I worked from home for 9 of that 10 years
  • I didn’t answer to a boss
  • I created my own schedule
  • I did better the quality of hundreds of lives and thousands of customers
  • I created life long friendships

But there was one freedom it never really provided.

What I Discovered

The truth is, I didn’t feel fulfilled on a deeper level and it’s one reason I feel I didn’t accomplish bigger results. I wasn’t aligned with a business model I believed in. Oh sure, I tried to trick myself into it but let me share with you why I eventually ran out of steam.

Consider this. Whenever you set a goal and it isn’t in alignment with your hierarchy of values, you automatically are going to be frustrated. You’ll have a moral dilemma, although chances are you won’t be aware of it.

Here is why. Anytime your goals don’t match your values what happens is the values go into the unconscious and the goals go to the conscious.

Guess what? The unconscious is going to win every single time.

You’ll never be able to outperform your unconscious intentions and you’ll find yourself frustraited, procrastinating on your goals or doing something completely opposite of your goal. Then you’ll make up shit outside yourself as to why you’re not having more success at it.

Isn’t that some shit?

So the thing I discovered is to identify my hierarchy of values so I’m fully in alignment with work that matters to me and It’s worked wonders.

My results have been fantastic and I’m currently replicating them with coaching clients right now.

So all in all, my struggle revealed my gifts and will be your gain.

The Solution-Re-Invention

I’ve since separated myself about 97% from that home based business. I still have friendships from the business and support a few people, even through coaching.

I am working from home still of course. Except now I’m more aligned with work I’m inspired to do like coaching on self discovery, personal growth and consulting on blogging & business. But now I’m working on making it even more enjoyable by combining all of them…and then some.

Here’s what I mean.

You see I got clear on the fact I’m a creator. I love to create and I love to teach. When you’re a creator you feel you have a unique message inside that you must share and that you feel you have to share. It’s your gift and the reason why you and I are here. You know what I mean because it’s something you feel deep inside.

I’ve spent the last 17 years figuring this stuff out and I’ve discovered the below process by observing those who are already living it as well as my own personal process:

  1. Uncover-Uncover your life message through self discovery
  2. Discover-Discover your audience purposefully
  3. Create-Creating Impact through your work strategically

I call it life marketing and it’s about discovering your gifts, improving peoples lives with your gifts and doing it in a strategic manner.

The point is, through the rest of the year you can expect to see transformations here at the site and the addition of these concepts in many forms such as free stuff and paid for products.

So it’s time to give thought to how you’re going to really make an impact in 2011. It’s your time.

What Next:

  1. Identify your hierarchy of values if you haven’t already. You can download this PDF: Instant Values Discovery System
  2. After completing the PDF ask yourself if your work is in alignment with your hierarchy of values? This doesn’t mean you can’t find enjoyment with what you’re doing currently, but if it’s not what you really want to do, stay tuned here to create a strategic plan to work yourself out of it.
  3. Leave your comments below what you thought of the Instant Values Discovery worksheet and what changes you’re going to make to align yourself for 2011.

I’m a creator and I am going to create damnit, I suggest you do what lights your fire too. 😉

I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.”-Nelson Mandela

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