My Perspective On Your Perspective

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This is actually a comment response to a Guest Post at Goodlifezen on the subject, Irrationality: The Hallmark Of Greatness? Reading it first may be helpful. I tweaked my response a tad and did it up as a post for you. I thought it was kinda important. 🙂

My Perspective

My perspective is that many people have irrational fears that keep them in their comfort zone. To someone like you or I who value freedom over security that would seem, “irrational.” To the person who values security over freedom they believe our pursuit of freedom or innovation is risky and irrational. More important than classifying all people as rational or irrational, the question is what is their highest values and do they act on them consciously or unconsciously?

Human beings “are” psychologically hard wired for many things. Change doesn’t seem to be one of them.

Although it’s difficult to put everyone in the same box and categorize them all as rational or irrational. I believe there are a few different perspectives to consider. None are wrong. Everyone has their highest value they act upon, whether consciously or unconsciously.

What I do believe is true is that the vast majority of people don’t like change and don’t do it very well. (Or consciously)

It’s that hard wired thing right?

I believe it’s our values. What stands between intellectual understanding and taking action in order to create a transformation? Priorities, and those priorities generally will be based on what that person values most.

It’s only my perspective, that it’s the conscious effort of one who will accomplish their desired outcome of freedom more so than the person who acts unconsciously on their value of security.

Your Perspective

Growth & Success are determined by who’s standards?

Is everyone going to be a Walt Disney or an Einstein? I don’t believe so. There will always be a few who stand out and act upon their highest values and take it to an amazing extreme that impacts people world wide. However there will always be those who stand in their shadows rather than their light because it’s safe and caters to their highest values. i.e. Security.

You and I can make a difference by consciously acting upon our own authenticity (What we value most) and by doing so we give permission to those around us to be more of themselves. By exposing our own shadows and imperfections we step into our own light and inspire people to act “irrationally.” If enough of us come together and do this, we can impact the collective conscious of all of those around us.

Social proof is a powerful thing and and can work in such favor.

Two great examples of this right now would be:

Elizabeth Pots Weinstein-I’m Not Sorry About Selling

Allison Nazarian-Speaking In Explanation Points

Do what the hell you want to do, don’t apologize and you know what, you’ll probably inspire someone to say, “oh what the hell.”

If you read their most recent posts you’ll see exactly what I mean. Not to mention if you’re on Twitter, their #epicchat garners much of this philosophy and just plain rocks, even if it is just for moms. (Yes I’ll be eves dropping ladies 😉 )

A good question is, does any of this come across as rational or irrational? Interesting perspectives that may reveal what you value most.

Perspectives are powerful and made up of beliefs.

What’s your perspective?

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