Best Kept Secret Of Making Money Online

The Secret Of Making Money Online

The video is from my internet marketing group this past week.

Why do I post personal development stuff along with creating money & Social Media stuff?

So many people want to know how to make money on the web.

Here’s the problem for many people. Even making money on the web is about connecting with people and creating relationships. Even though I hear hundreds of people say they want to work on line so that they don’t have to deal with people.

Many of the most successful people I know online all make a consistent habit of meeting other like minded people who they can network with and learn from. They also meet and figure out who they want to do Joint Ventures with at these off line networking events.

I see so many people get it wrong and I just can’t help myself but to bring it to the table & educate. 🙂

Is There A Secret To Making Money Online

I remember Chris Blackerby the first time I met him at the Tampa Internet Marketers Meet up a few months back. If you remember I did a post about the Secret To Self Taught Millionaires and I featured Chris.

Chris runs a full time business during the day and runs a successful on line business by night. What’s his secret to making money online?

Well out of 3 hours of masterminding Tuesday night I caught him articulating the idea of making money on line perfectly and how he figured out how to master it. (I actually got tons of footage of other good stuff which is coming soon)

The internet is just a means.”-Chris Blackerby

It’s a means for what you ask yourself?

It’s a tool for direct response marketing!

Marketing & Direct Response is as simple as Chris talks about in the video:

  1. Research your market
  2. Test the Product (& offer)
  3. Give your crowd what they want not what they need

What did I get out of what he said?

Direct response marketing is the foundation of making money online OR off Line. Did you pick up in the video where he’s applied the same tactics & philosophies he’s learned from direct response marketing to his off line business and increased his profits?

He only had intentions of learning internet marketing but has actually learned so much more and become so much more valuable!

At [2:40] seconds into the video Chris shares with you a secret where you can find amazingly inexpensive training on direct response secrets for next to nothing.

Take what you learn off line and apply it to your online efforts or take what you’ve learned online and apply it to your off line efforts. Either way make sure you’re passionate about it!

Remember its not your resources that are most important but your resourcefulness. Desire to make more income? Become more resourceful.

Chris did!

Oh by the way if you want to get immediate access to an entire online community for direct response marketing where tons of information is available at no cost. Head over to and set up your free account. There are videos available at no cost from some of the biggest direct response marketers in the industry.

This is a community from one of my mastermind buddies Barry Nicholson who is actually a direct response copywriter himself. Him and his wife both make serious 6 figure incomes teaching this stuff.

These are the best kept secrets to making money on line AND off line!

Don’t delay get over there right now and get your education!

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