A Secret of Self Taught Millionaire’s

A Secret To Millionaire Status

A Secret to Self Taught Millionaires from Tony Teegarden on Vimeo.
You’ll learn about me that I’m all about self education. I’ve only graduated high school and a C student at that.

I learned early on I could say “I am smart” or “I is a millionaire.” lol

Now not taking away from education and how important it is let me define a very serious issue with you before I get to this secret.

A scary statistic I learned actually stated that over 67% of people that graduated high school never read another book?!

Holy crap! No wonder there are so many issues with the economy going on.

Leaders are readers! When hardly anyone is reading hardly anyone is leading!

Here’s my 1 Million Dollar question for the day:

What books are you reading right now? (Yes I really want to know)

I spent a day with a bunch of prospects for my network marketing business and asked all of them what books they were currently reading.

Want to know something amazing? 60% of the them weren’t reading anything!

The other 37% were reading junk, (mysteries or novels) another 2% were actually reading something related to their current job field, and 1% was reading something pertaining to personal development!

Folks it’s not what goes on on the outside of us that determines our successes, it’s what goes on on the inside of us that determines our outside results!

One way to determine what goes on on your inside is to program yourself with what you read! If you read junk, or don’t read at all there isn’t much programming going on!

No new thoughts only make way for old thoughts, habits & results.“-Me

The Millionaire Secret

So let me introduce you to Chris.

I met Chris last night and I had to catch it on video just for you. This guy gets the secret to being a self taught millionaire.

The video rocks and is from one of my internet marketing meet up groups here in Tampa. It shows you how important it is to invest in your own education. Notice what he reads and listens to.

If you get it like Chris does let me know. Give me hope that we’re the 1 to 2% that are leaders who are readers!

Oh and by the way, Chris created a serious 5 figure income in just a few months from what you see here, and I’m not just talking about $10,000 either!

Oh and by the way you’ll see my friend Ryan in the back ground pulling some shenanigans. He’s not doing that to be funny but because of something he found out about me on youtube. I’ll be posting about that real soon. 😉

Now go watch the video!

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