What Exactly Is Spiritual Marketing

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Origins Of Spiritual Marketing

I’ve been asked more than a few times about the term spiritual marketing as of late and I figured I should take the time to outline my perception of the term so that you too may choose benefit from the philosophy.

It’s not new, I didn’t come up with it however I have completely bought into it with my own spin of course.

If you’ve seen the movie The Secret then you’ve probably unknowingly seen a gentleman by the name of Joe Vitale in it. I’ve studied Joe and much of his work over the past 4 1/2 years with much precision. He’s a brilliant marketer, copywriter and spiritual philosopher.

So much so I was featured in his last book Expect Miracles. The story I shared in his book is a key example of spiritual marketing.

What Is Spiritual Marketing

To me spiritual marketing is the ability to articulate & convey your authentic beliefs around a service, product or brand transparently, consciously and with the end users benefit in mind.

What’s so spiritual about that? It’s what’s behind that definition that drives it.

I get into the fact that living (& Marketing) authentically and transparently is about realizing your connection to source or divinity. If you realize you’re connected to a never ending supply of source you can always have, be or do whatever you wish.

As an example many times I’ve come across lots of people who thought they couldn’t be a sales person or market stuff to people. When the truth is they have been selling people on their beliefs & perceptions as well as marketing themselves for a very long time but just doing a lousy job of it in life.

I’ve covered the surface version of this in The Ultimate Guide Of Selling Yourself On Selling.

Belief as I’ve said many times is nothing more than a transference of belief.

However the key here is that many people sell unconsciously and don’t transfer their beliefs very well, if at all. Can we say start the argument? They are oblivious in many cases they are selling people on their perceptions & beliefs to begin with.

The Original Spiritual Marketing Steps

Back in 2001 Joe Vitale released the book Spiritual Marketing to the world. In it he wrote out the steps required to be able to manifest your desires from a deeply rich and rewarding place. Those steps are:

  1. Know What You Don’t Want
  2. Select What You Would Like to Be, Do or Have
  3. Get Clear
  4. Feel How Exciting It Would Feel To Have Be or Do What You Want
  5. Let Go

I’m not going to get into these step by step, you can read the ebook for that, but I do know this is the core of being able to consciously manifest what you desire in your life. Including the ability to communicate effectively your ideas and services. What we want may be a feeling rather than a product. This is to me the core of spiritual marketing.

Here is a delightful excerpt from the book that beautifully outlines the spirit behind Spiritual Marketing:

I once read a delightful old book from the 1920 titled Fundamentals of Prosperity by Roger Babson. He ended his by by asking the President of the Argentine Republic why South America, with all of its natural resources and wonders, was so far behind North America in terms of progress and marketing. The president replied: “I have come to this conclusion. South America was settled by the Spanish who came to South America in search of gold, but North America was settled by the Pilgrim Fathers who went there in search of God.”

Where is your Focus? On money or spirit?

Spiritual Marketing Today

Has much changed since 1999 when when Joe originally presented the original Spiritual Marketing manuscript to Bob Proctor?

Yes and no. Joe has written extensively on this subject in books like The Key, Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor. All of which are recommended reading but the principles haven’t changed in my opinion.

Both Joe Vitale as well as Wayne Dyers newest book he’s working on have credited Neville Goddard who is popular mystic and influential New Thought writer (1905-1972) for his work on just this subject. Joe even did a book on based on Neville. I highly recommend researching Neville Goddard.

The foundation hasn’t changed but the people in the world has.

More than ever it’s critical to not only live more consciously but communicate your ideas, beliefs and services more consciously, authentically & transparently. Sounds very very similar to some of the key factors in social media doesn’t it?

Will the concept of Spiritual Marketing be enough to connect with those who require it the most?

You decide. The outcome will be based on your beliefs around the whole subject starting right now.

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