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Stepping Into Your Light

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Consider this quote for a moment:

“And yes, each moment is the projection of the next, so if I am learning how to love, then all I get is more lessons. But if I just stand in the space of the perfection of my love, that is all I see, and all I get.”-Maryann Munroe

The above quote was huge for myself. What about you? Seeing that I’m a bit of a self professed personal development junkie I tend to stay in the learning how part a lot.

I’ve attended hundreds of workshops in my life time, read countless books, listened to hundreds of hours of CD’s and I still today say that was, is and will be all part of my journey.

Will I completely abandon all of those things? Not at all. I will still encourage people who’s path I cross to plug in to those types of things depending on what feels natural.

However there comes a time when being is more important than doing in order to stand in your truth & light.

That may sound vague so let me share with you some examples.

Personal Development Training Wheels

When I finally decided 10 years ago to make the jump to working from home with a home business I realized I would require a different type of personal skills in order to succeed.

However I didn’t realize I would take on the personal transformation that I did.

That’s when I realized just how much I didn’t know. (However my ego plainly decided I knew plenty in order to make the jump)

Let me tell you what happens when many people make the jump into a new decision like working from home.

There is the you that is completely ego filled and decides you are the person that can accomplish said objective (starting a home business for example), hence why you feel you’re able to step into it. However once you do step into the midst of your new decision your ego tends to diminish or even run like hell when you realize just how little you really do know in order to have the success you expect.

This isn’t the fact for everyone however I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit. There is a gap between who that person currently is and who they need to become in order to get the end result they desire. What may be required is verbal skills, new philosophies and of course time for it all to come together.

However things come up like:

  • uncertainty
  • pride
  • rejection
  • ridicule

You see I had already started on a formal sales development journey of the corporate kind I guess you could say. The traditional sales seminars & books etc. It wasn’t until I was in the network marketing industry that I found the likes of Jim Rohn where he go’s from showing you tactics you use on the outside on other people to tactics and philosophies that you implement on yourself & change you on the inside.

This was a major shift in my self awareness, growth and connecting with people on a deeper spiritual level.

The Lessons Never Stop Only The Learning

I’ve always continued to explore myself as well as my ability to connect with other people since that time.

Thus realizing the more I work on myself the more ability I had to connect with people on a deeper level. This is where the trouble starts for me.

At what point does the light behind the ego, which is really what you are, actually shine? At what point do you step out from behind the ego self and actually just be what you are regardless of the social masks you believe are true? Regardless of what books you read, audio’s you listen to or workshops you attend?

In my opinion Jim Rohn was the shining light that he was to so many people because he was the teacher & the philosopher. He stepped into that light.

What if he said, “Noooooo I can’t be that yet, I have more to do first. So much more to leeeearn.

How many people would have not been touched by his light & by his love. He never would have mentored Tony Robbins who has went on to impact millions of peoples lives.

And then consider those people who went on to share their light and impact people. What an awesome chain affect!

The lessons never stop coming only you deciding to not learn from them. Learn to embrace the lessons that you attract with who you are “right now” because you never know who you’re going to attract & impact tomorrow with who you become.“-Me (Quit waiting for everything to be perfect)

Example Of Living In Your Light

If you want a fantabulous (Yes I made that word up) example of someone who made this shift and did it publicly,  go to my friend Allison Nazarian’s post, “My Name Is Allison and I’m A Fraud. (Sorta)

If you remember I had featured Allison as an example of how to live in your truth in the post What About You Do You Believe. I knew there was a transformation going on just based upon reading her recent blog posts. Little did I know how big.

Her post is one of the most amazing examples of transparency & stepping into your light I think I’ve ever read. This is not a bullshit post and is a must read in order to fully grasp my message to you today.

It bears repeating: “…But if I just stand in the space of the perfection of my love, that is all I see, and all I get.”

When do you feel the most authentic? When you are who you are today. You don’t need another lesson for that.

You don’t require more in order to be, you only require less. That means letting go of perceptions, beliefs and ego.“-Me

It may be easier said than done for you, but go read Allison’s post and tell me if a part of it doesn’t resonate within you.

I know it did me.

Our life here really is too short to just do what we have to. We must do what we love to. Let your light shine, so what if someone doesn’t like it.

Like I told Allison, that just makes you a bad ass and secretly lots of people will want to follow suit, and some will actually have the balls to.

How many times have you wanted to wait until things were perfect before you took action, especially when your inner most passion demanded it?

How much longer do you think you should wait?

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