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Do you hear a lot about giving away “free” content that sells but don’t know where to draw the line?

Or you might be thinking, “Hey, what’s the whole point of giving away stuff for free? Or won’t it keep people from buying my coaching?”

In this episode you’re going to discover how to create FREE content that SELLS.

Or hey, what’s the whole point of giving away stuff for free? Won’t it keep people from buying my coaching? In this episode you’re going to discover how to create FREE content that SELLS.

Before we get started:

Steve Martile is becoming known as the most sought after client attraction copywriter in the online coaching community. He is famous for helping clients triple their net profits and double their time off by retaining higher paying clients without being sneaky or salesy. 

For Steve, writing has always meant more to him when he can use it to help people do something with their lives. He’s always catered to using words to generate action as a means of transferring inspiration or motivation to people so they can make their lives better. 

So, how can you deliver value to your marketplace? If you’re selling your house and there’s a realtor that offers to take care of everything and sell your house for you, you’re going to take advantage of that.

This is exactly what Steve does in the sense that he does all of the work for his clients so they can focus on delivering content and doing what they want to do. 

One of the most important things to remember when working with clients is empathy. Being able to walk in their shoes, feel what they’re feeling, understanding their fears, concerns, frustrations, etc. is so valuable when it comes to creating free content that sells. 

Why Create Free Content?

A certain percentage of people who visit your site want to take their skill set or knowledge to the next level, and while it may be a small group of people, it’s enough to build a business. If you focus on those people you will always have buyers. You can create free content and just give it away for free, or you can do that and still make money from it. People want to know more and are willing to buy now.

Most people are in one of two places: a few people want to buy now, or they’re interested but want to learn more first. That majority of people is searching for information so why not give it to them for free, then once they have what you’ve given them, sell them something. 

The free content you offer should relate to what it is you are going to sell to people after you’ve given them that free content.

4 Guidelines To Free Content:

 1) The Promise:

Desire – talk about the outcome… grab their attention.

2) Demonstrating Results:

Show people you can get results

Authority statement and show your results or clients results

If you don’t have any results – go get someone a resultThe only reason I can make such a claim is because I’ve helped countless people _____.

3) Teach your Framework:

Staircase from frowny face to happy face

  1. Water
  2. Reduce sugar
  3. Food
  4. Get sleep

4) Call to Action:

I’ve helped you, I’d like to help you more…

Before we go:


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