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Accelerate Your Success By Insight

I am one person with many selves but no I don’t suffer from multiple personalities lol. Let me explain.

I’ve hired a life coach as of the past two weeks and I can’t tell you how exciting the work is. It’s challenging, emotional and hard. However I decided not living to my potential was harder.

These are some of my personal insights from my personal coaching. I thought about not sharing them but that’s not like me. So here goes:

Old unconscious patterns have shown up in my reactions over the years and as you know I’ve written about awareness and tapping into it. I’ve talked about it here a little but at my other blogs a lot.

My goal is to fully own my many selves and make peace with those parts that I haven’t. Why? To live a richer more centered life.

There are work selves, friend selves, family selves, fun selves etc that show up at different times of the day.

Those are only parts of you and I though and not the totality of who you and I are. Many times I’ve identified myself with the one part of me that failed at a project or messed up a relationship.

I reacted and assumed that’s who I was in totality and based my self worth on that one part of me in that moment. This made me much harder on my total self than I ever should have been.

Can you relate?

This is a trap I find many people falling into and I finally became aware enough myself that I reached out for help.

Why A Life Coach

I desire to be able to choose my responses instead of acting out and living in reaction. That’s why. My coach is helping me build the spiritual muscle to accomplish this through the study and practice of awareness.

We are controlled by everything by which we are identified. That which we can disidenfity from we can control.

For example:

There is a practice in NLP where you learn to disassociate from the experience, meaning you actually step back in 3rd person and replay yourself having the experience. This allows you to not be emotionally tied to the situation.

If you experience the scenario from a 1st person point of view looking from your own eyes, you have all of the emotional reactions. Many times these emotional reactions do not serve you or I.

If you’re willing to go back through some of your lifes experiences, if they were painful, and do this exercise you’d find yourself not having as much or any painful emotional anchors tied to it at all.

But you have to be willing to do the work and explore.

Key word for me right now is willingness. I had to ask myself  am I willing to go through this work in order to accelerate the quality of life I truly desire.

My obvious answer was yes.

“Willingness” is the gateway to higher states of consciousness. It’s a quality of the heart not the mind. I must have a willingness to create the shift and ask to accept my circumstances without judgment or blame.

Mastering My Emotions & Talents

I will never master anything outside of myself until I master my inner self.“-Me

Take your talent out to the world and ask, “how can I serve?”

How do you know your talent is good enough? Of course it’s good enough because you’re good enough already.

I’ve  been an artist for most of my life. I was a classically trained violinist for 8 years, an artist, musician now for 24 years and now a writer and blogger for 4 years.

One thing I’ve learned is that being an artist is a lot like being a blogger or an entrepreneur.

You must be willing to take risks and be vulnerable to be successful financially, emotionally, spiritually & even physically.

The expression of ones creative self can be scary for some while it’s mandatory for others. For me expression is extremely important. Expression of my ideas or of my music comes down to feeling fulfilled or not.

So why don’t more people take the risk of being vulnerable?

Stubbornness-It’s the reason we hold on to what doesn’t serve us.

My new mantra which I keep written on a 3×5 card that I carry around all the time now is:

Ask for willingness every day to let go of anything if it’s not in the highest and best interest for me.

I had an amazing epiphany though about how the dark parts of me actually are blessings.

For example: There are two sides to stubbornness. One serves you one doesn’t.

The dark side of stubbornness is inflexibility and attachment to the past. Stubbornness also has a light side that serves me which is persistence and commitment to task.

We can’t live with out one or the other. Light vs. Dark. There is always a benefit even in my dark sides. This excites me about diving into what I perceived as darker area’s of my life. I no longer feel the need to ignore them.

Can you see where this could completely serve you and accelerate your lifes success?

What new online business could you start?

What kind of amazing new relationships would you be open to?

What  family members could you reconnect with?

Detachment Flexibility & Freedom

Remain flexible in EVERYTHING & Detached from everything. Why?


The only place I am free is in the present moment.

The only way to be free in the present moment is to say to self:

I am willing to accept my current circumstances with out judgment or blame.

Willingness is the step before acceptance. We can’t accept a new life or a new way of living if we aren’t willing.
How willing are you to accept that you are not just any one of your selves that shows up every day?

The totality of you is amazing.

You so rock. 🙂

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