Have You Succumb To Security

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Have You Succumb to Security

“Anything outside of yourself can change and therefore impact how you see or feel about yourself, unless you’re secure with who you are and what you’re about on the inside.”-Me

What drives security to be such a high priority for so many people and why do they seek it so much? Security in things like relationships, finances and what I hear most of, a job.

Is it:

  • Comfort
  • Certainty
  • Assurance
  • Sureness
  • Ease

Probably could be a mix of all of them right?

I’m just not sold on the fact that there is really such a thing as everlasting security…outside of ourselves.

Do you identify security as a good job, a stable relationship or a fat stash in your bank account?

  • All of our money can be gone in the morning
  • A relationship can end in an evening
  • And of course a job or business can disappear in an afternoon.

Let’s call these security blankets for the moment, shall we?

Knowing your security blankets could be taken away from you at any point and time, there for leaving you emotionally devastated, what should you do?

Take your power back, of course. 🙂

Give me a minute and I’ll share with you some ideas on how.

Security From The Inside Out

Security has to come from within or you will eventually go without.  Security is knowing you can accomplish something even if it’s original results were completely stripped away. Example: Take all my money? I’ll make it again.

When I went through my divorce in 1995 I relinquished the home business to my ex. We had taken 5 years to build it.  Five long hard years that I had taken to figure out working from home and building teams. Many people told me I was nuts for giving it away. I had learned a larger lesson.

It’s not what you get in life but who you become on the way of getting it. That is what determines your worth in the realm of business.

Security was knowing I had gone through the work of becoming the person who could build that home business. No one could take those skills away from me. So I did it again and built it bigger and better.

Security is knowing you can walk into a room of strangers and know you’re able to connect with just about anyone there and do it confidently. (Side note: ask questions listen and talk little is a good start. You don’t have to be the life of the party)

“Security comes from knowledge & experience, however, ironically it doesn’t come without the risk of reaching for it.”

Why does the entrepreneur take so many, what are perceived by man as, risks? Well #1 they have set priorities and are acting on their highest values. However they are able to act on their highest values because he or she is secure with his or her ability to make mistakes. And are even more confident in their ability to learn from them.

This is a big theory by Robert Kiyosaki where he firmly believes the only financial security is financial literacy. The same can be said about our emotional intelligence when making the point of being secure in our self perception of ourselves.

This theory isn’t only applicable to finances but applies also to:

  • learning a new hobby
  • developing new relationships
  • showing up to a party where you may not know anyone
  • or starting a video blog where you share your knowledge & passions with thousands of people

Finding Security In You

If someone wants what they can’t have, it’s because they haven’t gone inside & acknowledged what they already got.“-Me

In our pursuit of finding happiness, the comforting feeling of security may come mainly from the primary emotional driver called certainty.

Certainty of a routine or a comforting knowing that everything will be as it always is.

What do you value most? Security or freedom? For my values, I prefer emotional freedom as my focus. Through emotional freedom I allow less attachment to stuff outside of myself. Not being afraid of reaching for that emotional freedom is my ultimate security.

This permeates throughout relationships, friendships, cash flow and many other area’s of my life.

There is nothing wrong with security in the traditional sense, as it’s normal for a child to feel secure in their mothers & fathers presence. However as an adult it can also act as an excuse mechanism where we find solace in staying complacent in our lives.

Excuses sound like:

  • The office job isn’t what I really want to do but it’s a guaranteed salary
  • The excuse that my families lively hood depends on a weekly paycheck
  • I know he/she isn’t really good for me, but no one else may want to be with me.

These aren’t reasons to seek exterior security, these are reason to go within and acknowledge the you that is absolutely capable of living in your true light. The reason you can’t is the reason you should.

The above reasons are risks not reasons in my perception.

  • The office salary is not guaranteed.They can (and do) lay you off at any given moment
  • If your families lively hood is dependent on a weekly paycheck that’s all the more reason to create a passive income, what if you’re laid off tomorrow? How secure is that?
  • It’s about knowing you deserve someone who compliments you and wakes up asking, “How can I lift this person up today?

Confidence comes from security. Security in my eyes lies in how you see yourself, what you expect of yourself and what you deserve.

Security Is Loving Self

My point as you read this? Consider not seeking security outside of yourself but acknowledge your gifts within yourself. The ability to do, live or create anything you want through emotional freedom.

Take time everyday to go within and be still with who you are. While meditating, experience the emotional freedom you already have access to. Embrace it, access it and welcome it.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to start that new online business you desired to start, begin the singing career you felt you should have started or even starting yoga.

How about you?

What’s your perception of security?

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