The 5 Step System Experts and Coaches Can Use For Big Results Online

The 5 Step System To Apply To Your Online Marketing For Big Results and A LOT Less Stress

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[00:06] – 3 self limiting questions keeping you stuck
[01:16] – The number one thing to do when confronted with these questions before you do anything else
[02:55] – The question you better say YES too or else
[03:14] – The online myth everyone falls for (with tragic results)
[04:40] – What you should only be measuring __________ in your online business
[05:14] – 5 Steps to Incorporate In your online business for greater profit and less stress

Self Doubt and The 5 Step System Coaches and Experts Can Apply
To Online Marketing For Big Results

  • Can I really help people?  
  • What if I’m not good enough?  
  • What if people reject me? 

These are three questions that, chances are, if you’ve ever said this to yourself or asked yourself these questions, then they’re stopping you, slowing you down, and standing in your way of having success online.

In this video, I’m going to share with you why you ask yourself these questions and exactly what’s happening so that you can leave all of that behind.  And then, I’m going to share with you five steps that you can take immediately so that you can simple solve your problems and serve more people.

Hi, this is Tony Teegarden with helping you turn your problems into profits.

Self Doubt That Online Marketing Can Really Work For Your Business?

Chances are, if you are an expert, a specialist, or a coach in your field and you’ve been attempting to apply yourself online so that you can get more access to customers, clients, and be able to charge higher prices but you’re not having success, then chances are these three questions have come up at some point in time. What I want to help you do in this video is take a few steps so that you can begin to realize what’s happening, why it’s happening, and exactly what you can do next to overcome it.

Number one thing is to be able to acknowledge that these three questions are simply a myth.  So, what I would ask you to do is to confront the myths.  A simple exercise that you can do is take each one of these questions and ask yourself, are they really true?
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So, take question one, “can I really help people?”  Well, chance are, you can.  And you can simply ask yourself, “Have I helped people before?”  Well, if you’re an expert, or a specialist, or a coach in your field, I’m sure you have.  Maybe it’s not been in the context where you’ve reached the person online before, but you’ve made connections with clients offline before, and you’ve helped them.  So, number one, that debunks that myth.

Number two: is, “I don’t know if I’m good enough.”  Well, we’ve already answered that question.  If you’ve helped someone before in your area of expertise and it’s been offline, then guess what, you can certainly help them if you take your business online.

And question number three, “What if people reject me?”  Well, I’ve got news.  They’re going to.  And the bottom line is, you’ve probably dealt with rejection all of your life.  It’s just a matter of how well you dealt with it.  A matter of fact, if you’ve ever gone through the dating process, you’ve probably been rejected.

I’ve got some good news though.  You are still here.  That’s right.  You’re still here.  You haven’t died.  And, matter of fact, going through the dating process, as I’m sure all of us probably have at some point in time, you’ve probably been rejected.  But you’re not dead.  So, that’s the good news. When it comes to rejection, I’m going to give you a little bit of an idea of how I never have to deal with rejection.  And it’s actually; it’s a really good feeling.  But, it’s also something that’s done very strategically.

But before we go any further, simply ask yourself this question, “Do you provide transformational value to your client?”  Well, I can assure you the answer better be, yes.  If not, then you’ve got a real problem on your hands.  But I’m probably guessing if you’re an expert, a specialist, or a coach in your field, then this probably shouldn’t be a problem.

The Myth of Online Instance

One myth I’d like to debunk is that everything online is instant.  And it’s simply not.  Certainly, if you’re an online marketer, and you’re experienced, and you understand Facebook, and PayPerClick, and advertising, and things like that, then sure, you can turn on instant traffic and have some instant results.  But if you’re a expert in your field and it’s not online marketing, then chances are, there’s going to be learning curve. You see, the concept is that online there is a delay, especially if you’re dealing with content marketing, and writing blogs, and doing videos, and things like this.  Online, there’s going to be a delay in your results.

Let me give you an example.  You see, offline, you get immediate feedback from the prospects that you are speaking to.  You can read body language.  You can understand their tone in their voice.  And you can begin to really understand whether or not this person is in sync with you or out.  Online, you don’t always get that luxury.  Matter of fact, generally, your feedback is crickets. At this point, things get worse because you begin to measure all the wrong things.  You’re measuring what we call, vanity metrics.  Vanity metrics are things like your +1s on Google, or your Facebook likes, or your retweets on Twitter.  Now, I’m not saying those aren’t important.  They are.  But they’re certainly not a measurement of how well you’re doing online and how much money, necessarily, you’re going to create.

The real metrics that you want to pay attention to are:

  • How many new subscribers are you getting on your newsletter every day?  
  • How many people are buying your digital or your offline products through your website?  
  • Where are they coming from?  
  • And specifically, are they requesting high-end consulting with you or coaching? 

Notice the word there, “requesting.” So, all in all, you want to make sure that you are measuring the right things.

The 5 Step Online System For Experts and Coaches

So, let’s start by giving you five major steps that you can take to begin to move yourself towards having a much more lucrative online business.

Step Number One: do you have a clear purpose behind your business and your brand, and why you do it?

Believe me, if you’re not clear on your purpose, and why you do it, then you’re not communicating that throughout your brand.  You’re not communicating that out to your audience.  They don’t know what you stand for, and it’s hard for them to get behind you to do so.

Step Number Two: get crystal clear on your ideal client and the problems that they want solved.  Notice the language that I use there.  It’s the problem that they want solved, not the problem that you want solved.  You see, you really have to get a clear understanding of who your ideal client is, and what problems that they want solved, and communicate to them that you know that they have the problem, and that you know how to solve it.  If you don’t, you’re simply talking at them instead of to them.  Without a customer avatar, you try to be everything to everybody.  And at that point, you become nothing to no one.  And that’s when those vicious crickets come back.

Step Three: is having a steady flow of ideal clients coming your way.  I akin this to simply having a bank account that’s stuffed full of cash, and you don’t have to worry about the bills getting paid.  When you’re in this space, believe me, you operate on a much higher level, you actually are much more excited, and much more creative.  See, in your business, when you don’t have a steady flow of clients, it’s just like not having money.  You become stressed.  You have a lot of anxiety.  And you simply don’t show up in your highest good so that you can serve more clients.  You also tend to come across a lot more needy.

Step Number Four: is absolutely imperative.  Without it, everything else can be simply a waste.  Step number four is simply having systems in place that will sort and sift for you so that you’re only speaking to the most ideal prospects.  This is the part where I was telling you where you actually get to do the choosing instead of them choosing you.  And number four is one of my favorite places to work because it allows me to have a lot of fun and to only pick those that I’m going to enjoy working with.  So, step number four is just being able to naturally have a conversation and invite only those that you want to work with you.

Step Number Five: has three parts to it.

  1. Step number one: take action.  None of this means anything if you don’t go ahead and get started.  We’ve already identified that these myths that are going around in your head that you’re not good enough, that you aren’t able to provide value; we already know that that’s total BS.  So, the key here is that you begin to take action.
  2. Step number two: is measure.  Begin to measure the most important parts of your business.  Where are you getting your clients from?  How many?  Who are they?  How many are subscribing to your blog?  How many people are buying your products?  And how many of them are requesting an opportunity to work with you?
  3. Step number three: Listen, in an inconsistent world, people crave consistency.  And just by you showing up every week, maybe with a video or a blog post, or maybe both, you’re simply going to allow people to trust you because you’re showing up.  Implicitly, your actions speak louder than your words.  And this can go a long way in the online world. 

So, there you have it.  I’ve shared with you those three nagging questions, that if they’ve been going on, you can say bye-bye to them.  I’ve shared with you why they’re going on, and again, you can say bye-bye to them.  And I’ve given you a real high level overview of five steps that you can take to definitely make those worries go away and say bye-bye to.

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Thanks a lot.  Be bold!

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