The Only 3 Online Traffic Channels You Need To Know About – Online Traffic 101 TPIP: 0007

online traffic channels

Generating online traffic can be one of the bigger mysteries of an online coaching business. In this episode I’m going to pull back the curtain so you can get a birds eye view of what exactly online traffic is and the only 3 channels you need to know about.

So if until now you’ve found generating loads of online traffic elusive, this episode is for you. I took me years to figure out that there is no such thing as free traffic. You know all that Google traffic you’ve heard is free? It isn’t!

There are so many other ways of generating targeted online traffic and believe it not, the non-free traffic can be less expensive than the so called free traffic.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The only 3 channels of traffic you need to worry about
  • Why free traffic can be more expensive than paid traffic
  • How to prioritize what channel you focus on first
  • The one thing paid traffic can give you that no other traffic can
  • 4 little-known traffic sources no one is talking about but give HUGE returns
  • How to generate traffic, but with no website and create a 6 figure coaching business
  • Two online tools I highly recommend you have even if you don’t have a website.

After this Episode you’ll be able to manage the one thing your competition is NOT managing..and it will lead to your greatest success.

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