How I Turned My Own Problems Into Profit…Really

problems into profits

I interviewed my friend Dan Klein yesterday for my “Turn Your Problems Into Profit Podcast” ironically enough, and this concept came up…

The vast majority of entrepreneurs that I work with got into their coaching and expertise business because they became relevant at solving their own biggest problem FIRST…

…and later on, found that they could solve that same problem for others and do so rather efficiently.

Maybe they got more training later so they could become more proficient at delivering that transformation…

…but none of them got started JUST because they wanted to make money.

What Entrepreneurs Really Do

[ctt title=”I’ve always said entrepreneurs solve problems at a profit…” tweet=”I’ve always said entrepreneurs solve problems at a profit…” coverup=”7p2eD”]

…and in this case, they usually had the idea to do so because they solved their own problem first.

I personally went through the process of getting started “online” and began solving my own problems.

Something like how to set up a WordPress website.

I had folks asking me if I could help them too.

So I did…

…for FREE at first lol.

I got tired of that real fast and started charging a few hundred dollars.

How Bigger Problems Evolve Into Greater Opportunity

While that was going on I was learning branding, direct response marketing and writing copy for Tony Teegarden brand.

I started incorporating what I was learning for my own brand into these new people that kept getting referred to me.

And of course, I started charging more.

Up to $5k at one point for 1on1 clients…

…All while growing my personal coaching business online.

Why did I start charging more?

Because I was getting more efficient at getting results.

So as my skills and talents grew, I was able to close the gap on solving problems and getting people results.

High-Level Results Come From…

…being in the trenches and practicing day in day out simple principles that work.

And that’s what I was doing for years.

Not only in my business but in my clients businesses.

It seemed a natural fit when I later had people asking me how I was “gaining new clients or generating high-level revenue.”

And then that started my consulting career.

I started helping people the way I helped myself.


And chances are you’ve been practicing principles for years that facilitate a transformation in your clients lives.

However facilitating the transformation isn’t the problem…

…the real problem is communicating the results that you provide in a way that resonates with what your prospects want.

That’s how you get more clients.

And not just more clients, but ideal clients you enjoy working with.

It’s not talking about what you do. It’s talking about what your prospects are missing in their lives.

How Killing Jobs Turned Into 6 Million In Revenue

My friend Dan was solving his own problem first by generating leads for his own local business.

Then he eventually started helping businesses solve their own lead flow problem.

THEN he started his business with a partner called – where they help people fire their 9-5. They do this by teaching them local lead generation for local businesses.

It’s extremely effective because Dan had already been doing it for years.

His clients generated over 100,000 leads for local businesses just last month alone.

Pretty effective I’d say.

And these are people who don’t have a highly technical online background.

Matter of fact many of his clients are everyday folks like highway patrolmen, blue collar workers and even stay at home moms and dads.

Oh, and he and his partner have generated over 6 million in sales in 18 months.

All because Dan had a lead generation problem way back when…

…and he committed to solving it.

In Closing

I can’t wait to share the interview with you but in the meantime…

…if you have a problem you’re solving for folks but you’re not generating the kind of financial results in your business that you’d like, let’s chat.

More than likely there is a disconnect in what you’re saying and what your clients want to hear.

You can fill out the application found at this link and we can find out just what is stopping you, slowing you down or standing in your way.

We’ll have a conversation (It’s free) and we’ll figure it all out for you.

Till then!


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