You’re Not Being Realistic

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You’re Not Being Realistic

What have you wanted to do lately that you haven’t done because you’re afraid you’re not being realistic?

What have you wanted to do with your life that you’ve not done because someone around you said it wasn’t realistic?

What have you wanted to do in your life but were afraid because someone close to you said, “You probably shouldn’t do that, I don’t want you to be disappointed if it doesn’t work out, it just doesn’t seem realistic.

Who said whatever it is you wanted to accomplish had to be realistic?

Some examples of not being realistic:

  1. Being the first person to ever run the 4 minute mile–It was first achieved in 1954 by Roger Bannister
  2. Being the first person to take flight with a plane-First achieved December 17th 1903 by Orvil Wright
  3. Breaking the sound barrier-First achieved October 14th 1947 by Chuck Yeager

Consider this question, what happened to your dream?

Why You Want to be Unrealstic

  • What’s the fun or the challenge in it if it’s realistic?
  • Where’s the innovation?
  • where’s the creativity?
  • Where’s the gratification of accomplishing what was so unrealistic?

Make a list right now of what you’ve always wanted to accomplish with your life. Even if it seems unrealistic.

Ask yourself the questions, “Is it unrealistic or do I just have a fear of failing at it?

What do you truly believe would be more fulfilling, what you’re doing right now with your life? Or the pursuit of your unrealistic dream?

If you’re already pursuing your unrealistic dream, share how you embraced it and some of the challenges you overcame.

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