How To Be A Natural In Your Video Marketing [For Coaches & Experts]

Do you struggle with speaking on camera? These video marketing for coaches tips will help.


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Before You Start Video Marketing
Do This First

attract-higher-paying-clientsThe foundation of what your value will be built on that you are communicating out to your audience. And the number one thing is understanding who exactly your audience is. And that’s already defined with this particular piece.

So, I want to help you understand the context of your business initially and where we’re going to be focusing on for the rest of this weekend. So you can see here are some business units:

  • There’s the before
  • The during,
  • And the after.

And where we’re going to be focusing on the most right now is the before part, where you’re attracting your audience and where you are strategically seducing, for lack of a better term, your ideal prospect.

Why This Video Marketing Strategy Is So Important To You

That’s what we’re going to be spending our time doing here in a second is deciphering and defining and articulating exactly who he or she is, even down to the point of naming them. Okay? This is all very, very definitive. I’ll give you an example.

How To Make Your Prospects Feel Important

If you want to create new video online or if you want to do any kind of video recording, you’ll find that many, many people get very, very nervous, or they become kind of weirded out or because you’re thinking about all these like, you know guys, thousands of people are looking at me, and you get kind of weird and it’s all about you. That’s generally why you get frozen on camera because it’s all about you.

However, when you do what we’re about to do, which is creating your ideal avatar down to the point of actually even googling a picture of him or her, giving her a name or him a name, and writing out a little story about who they are, the challenges they face, and what they’re mounted up against and what they desire and strive for in life, when you do that, all you do is you sit down and you speak to her or him and essentially have that communication.

The Benefits Of This Strategy

When you sit down in front of the computer, you’re speaking to her, or you’re speaking to him, and you’re much more relaxed. You’re much more intuitive in your communication, and you do extremely well. So this is one of the benefits, one of the many, many, many benefits we’re going to be learning this weekend about defining and creating your avatar.

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