Warning Do NOT Be A BlockBuster

Prosperous Times Are Now

I’m sure people are caught up in this thing called a recession. I’m certainly not saying it isn’t happening, however I’m not seeing it. I’m not experiencing it and I certainly am not scared.

I’m more excited than I’ve ever been and see more opportunity than I ever have too.

Why you ask?

One big reason Is I believe is this.

I made a decision about a year ago to get rid of TV. Best damn thing I ever did. My productivity, my reading, my knowledge and my know how have went through the roof.

Not to mention I get to control more of what goes in my head. You are what you consume you know.

What did I replace it with?

Reading, online marketing research (Ok I admit I went off on a few tangents with Youtube vids) writing and blogging to just name a few things.

I’m doing today what other people don’t so tomorrow I’ll have the time Freedom & Lifestyle that other people won’t.

My friend Ryan hits it right on the head in his video saying “If you want Success You Must Be Willing To Bust Ass.

That lead me to figuring out that the world really is changing.

Who Cares If The World Is Changing

Well let me tell you why you should care.


Because nothing stays the same. As technology progresses in this day and time the rate of change is accelerating while the amount of time something will stay the same shortens. (I’m sure Einstein would say that much simpler I’m sure but Einstein I’m not)

Picture this.

Remember when you used to go to Blockbuster and you picked up a few VHS’s movies and a bag of pop corn to settle in on a lazy Friday night? Movies where around $4.95 a piece to rent, and you had to have them back in 3 days or there was a fine, right?

Well block buster was the market leader, the enforcer if you will and they would push those fee’s right down your throat if you were late. (I admit I had a few disputes myself)

Here’s what changed almost over night and I admit I got a bit of satisfaction from the end result:

1. You no longer can walk into a Blockbuster and find a VHS tape. They were replaced literally over night with DVD’s weren’t they? If you were in the VHS business you were hosed.

2. The fee’s dropped down considerably per rental too. You now can your rentals as long as you like and there are no late fee’s at all.

3. I’m betting you don’t even know what I’m talking about because you may not even visit a Blockbuster store anymore because you use this thing called NetFlicks!

You see, industries are changing and evolving all the time and at a massive speed right now.

Why aren’t you?

*Quick note- I’m noticing another overnight shift from DVD’s to Blue Ray Disk at Blockbuster now and that’s only because I go there to buy my DVD’s. Although I think it’s too late for them to really capitalize on this change.

Forced To Make A Change

You see Netflicks changed the game completely for BlockBuster. Netflicks saw the problem in the market place, listened to the customer and then gave them what they wanted.

Convenience of right to my door delivery, keep it as long as I care to & no more late fee’s. SWEET!

This forced blockbuster to adjust their marketing & delivery of goods and guess what?.

They are struggling and playing catch up because of it. They thought they were untouchable. I call it arrogance. It’s something you can and should learn from whether you’re in business or not.

Don’t wait until you’re forced to make a change. Be proactive not reactive.

It’s when things are going great that you want to poor it on as my good friend Hal tells me. That’s the time to think outside the box and become innovative.

Not making a change like exploring more ways to create income as a W-2 employee, creating new marketing channels for your products & services or serving the needs of your customer base better when times are good isn’t safe. It’s stupid.

Ask Blockbuster who at this moment is trading at $1.21 a share. 🙁 Netflix is still trading around $27.10.

What Can You Do

Well run your your income like a business is what I suggest.

What do I mean?

Most people you know run their income like they did when they could work for a company after 30 years and retire with a gold watch.

That isn’t you is it?

Those days are gone. Long gone. It’s delusional thinking.

A.L. Williams said it best and I wear out this quote, “If you’re the only one responsible for your income you are double dumb.”

Because I have a home based business, I get the calls from people I talked to months or even years ago that are now looking at what I do because they are desperate. They realize if they have been at a company for years they are the highest paid and probably the first to the chopping block.

I got a call from a gentleman the other day telling me the very same thing.

I’m hard pressed to work with them because now they are looking for the quick fix.

It’s like putting a band aid on a shot gun wound. It may help a little but you’re going to need some serious surgery.

In this case those people I’m dealing with are playing catch up. They were Blockbuster.

What Now If You Have A Job

The good news you aren’t blockbuster. You don’t have a billion or million dollar company that is heavily vested in an old school model that isn’t relevant anymore.

You may have a W-2 position i.e. Job but it doesn’t have to be your only source of income and it better not be these days. It may have been your vehicle but you can and should get a new one to drive around part time.

The other good news is that there are more than enough legitimate ways to work out of your home with some sort of business.

Make sure it has leverage and that it’s scalable with out you having to put more and more hours into it as it gets bigger. Otherwise you end up with another job.

I love it because I’m home based but not home bound, my businesses are scalable which means I’m not required to be every where at all times however my income still grows.

I have a traditional off line network marketing business that is scalable while I also build an online scalable business. It’s the best of both worlds right now for me but I created that situation over 8 years.

What Now If You Have a Business

If you already have a business online or off take head of Blockbusters mistakes. They got too big for their britches and didn’t listen to their customers.

They became arrogant and assumed the customers wouldn’t ha

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