What I Let You See Is What You Get

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What You See

In my on going studies of psychology, spirituality, marketing and persuasion I find there is always a trail crumb to the story behind the story.

What do I mean?

I find there always seems to be a story behind the story. I’ve found this to be the case in many marketing campaigns, sales presentations, spiritual events & teachers, wealth building seminars, political figures and yes, even yours truly. (Hence why I see it, right?)

Simply put, I’ve been seeking truth for a long time. However If I live the truth then I am the truth. Therefore I no longer need to seek the truth.

It’s a story that keeps telling me to think for myself and believe in my connection to divinity. To go within instead of going outside. To shed the layers of stuff I’ve wrapped myself in over the decades.

You and I are source and don’t require a guru to symbolize that source after a while. You may require them as some sort of training wheels in the beginning but quite frankly you’d look silly still riding your bike with training wheels on it as an adult, right?

So why do I still at times? I find it is the social masks that I wear and I’m not willing to take them off very easily. Hell I’ve lived with them for years. I’ve practically grown up with them on.

You know the old saying, “What you see is what you get?”

It’s more like “What I let you see, is what I let you get.

This represents the masks you and I still wear and are psychologically addicted to wearing.

If you’re familiar with the shadow work I’ve done then you know what I mean. If not then I’d suggest you check out The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford. It’s all about the social masks you and I wear. When they do finally come off it comes off in a big spectacular way. (i.e. Tiger Woods affair as of late)

…Is What You  Get

Not living authentically and only allowing a little of me to shine at times has the effects of what I call, psychological constipation. (Yes I did say that)

You get mentally, emotionally & spiritually gummed up. When it happens on the inside you start to create it on the outside.


My friend Veron from ExploreTruth.com said it best on his Facebook profile:

“If you knew everything about me, you might just “un-friend” me – How much of this is real? Do you think folks would say goodbye if they knew the truth about you…your lows & your highs? Your worst moments and your photo-shopped life?-Veron

Holy crapola?! You mean someone wouldn’t like me anymore?!

Oh yeah, that’s why.

I find my energy, creativity & and desired life results get bottle necked if i don’t just be me. I’m still shedding my layers as we speak by the way and me is a pretty cool guy I’ve found. The REAL me. Not the photo-shopped guy.

One Reason Many Excuses

You can’t live in-congruent with who you are for very long. That person finds it’s way out some how. When it comes to the surface, you can push it back down but you WILL find your true self coming out, somehow. Whether  it’s erratic behavior, depression over eating, making yourself go broke or many other disorders.  Living a lie does express itself somehow.

An example would be you want to do something different with your life, like start a new business or change your trade. If you use the excuse that you care more about what the people closest to you think about you and don’t make the change because they think you’re crazy,  you could easily find yourself resenting those individuals and causing relationship problems. Or if you don’t you could find yourself living depressed or over compensating somehow in some unhealthy fashion.

It only takes one good reason to overcome a multitude of excuses.”-Me

It may not happen overnight but you’ll look up and find it’s something that happened slowly over time. You may blame other things when really unconsciously you created the issue. You’re authentic self desired something different and you ignored it. Then this stuff happened slowly over time.

Question It and Discuss It

Now I’m not a psychologist nor do I act as one or make claim to be, I’m just a pretty observant dude expressing himself and his own experiences.

Just question these concepts as if they could be beliefs you hold. Or blow them out the back door if you feel they aren’t.

The first part of transformation is asking yourself what could be that isn’t.

I’m not hiding, are you with me?

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