When Investing In Coaching Is Completely Out Of The Question TPIP: 0019

investing in coaching

So in this episode I’ll share with you the only “ethical shortcut” I know of to charging premium prices and creating a coaching business that’s built to predictably support your ideal lifestyle.

Let’s get started…

I was on a Facebook chat with someone who was wanting to do their first group coaching program and was, over the course of a few days, consistently hitting me up for details & answers…

…however they stated that investing in any $3k, $5k or $10k for help was completely out of the question.

..after sharing lots of insights I just simply asked, “Wouldn’t it make sense to invest with someone who has all this laid out and has already compressed the time for you instead of seeking bits & pieces of info and trying to slap it together?”

What’s worse is he was a “business consultant” who wanted to help people grow their online coaching business. [Oh the irony!]

The same feedback I provided them, I thought would be helpful to you if looking for an “ethical shortcut” to your businesses results.


First, as long as investing is “completely out of the question” you’ll probably challenge yourself with creative means of which to have success. It’s inevitable.

[ctt title=”Be mindful that you attract what you yourself demonstrate at your inner core and your outer behaviors.” tweet=”Be mindful that you’ll attract what you yourself demonstrate at your inner core and your outer behaviors.” coverup=”gz0pf”]


One of my high ticket mentors a few years ago said just get one sale right now…take that cash and invest it in scaling.

If you’re not challenged with selling people 1-on-1 then how many sales would it take to invest in a $5k program that helps you add another $100,000 to your bottom line?

1? 2? 3?

If you don’t see MORE upside to investing in a mentor and the results they can lead you to, and therefore being creative in creating the investment required…

…then chances are you’ll have a hard time holding space with your prospects that give you the same story.


The ONLY “short cut” to the results you want is if a mentor has the very same results and can help you predictably get them.

That’s it. [sometimes there’s luck involved – but I don’t count on luck = that’s when preparation meets opportunity.]

Otherwise, everyone out there who is getting big results in their business got there because of the long arduous journey of figuring it all out OR they invested in a mentor.

Or Both

Skip the arduous journey and invest…

…but know WHY you’re doing it.


I had a client, a single mom of “4”, who was determined to invest in my services because she desperately wanted a better life for herself and her kids.

She was seeing all of the results her colleges were getting with me and she wanted her problem solved pronto, so she could experience those same results too.

She found a way…because she knew WHY.

She went and got a Paypal biz loan for the 1st installment of the investment and asked if she could get started…

…I said yes and we were off to the races.

She did $11,000 in sales in our short time together.

Needless to say, she was thrilled and today she’s FREE.

Plus, the big takeaway is the act of investing in mentoring will energetically support you to attract more of what you want…

If you want to attract people who are WILLING to invest highly to solve their problems…instead of just seeking and storing information for use at a later date, then BE that person you want to attract.


INVEST – how can you expect others to invest highly with you, if you’re not willing to invest highly with yourself?

I say all of this because I DID go the long arduous journey and I had some success. But it wasn’t at the level that I experienced when I started highly investing.

I put myself around other colleges & mentors who were vibrating at a HIGH level and were getting stuff DONE. The systems, the feedback and the communities made ALL the difference.

And just because you DO invest doesn’t guarantee you results…

…ONE thing it does do for you is support you in being congruent in your own high dollar offer.

And to me congruence is demonstrating integrity.

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