Why My Mastermind Group Made Me Cry-Video

Tampa Internet Marketing Mastermind Group

Who said business, marketing and masterminding can’t be fun? Oh and this was shot at a Panera Bread where there was no alcohol involved and no animals were harmed in the process.

Seriously though some of these guys are extremely humble and making serious 6 figure incomes online.

I apologize about the Porn, Gambling and Spam by Ryan Wade. Just watch it. You’ll see what I mean. By the end of this session, I was seriously crying. Check out why below.

Oh and by the way head over to my buddy David Risley’s Facebook profile and check out the video he did at the same session. His video is much nicer and has fancier editing and stuff. 🙂 Hence why he’s known as a Pro blogger and I’m not. He’s killing it on line but I still think my video is funnier. 😉 Sorry David lol.

Seriously head over to his blog David Risley (dot) com and check out all the cool info he has there.

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