Youth Wisdom and Personal Development

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Youth Wisdom and Personal Development

How do you feel when someone half your age is telling you how you can change your life? What comes up for you in the way of feelings & emotions?

Do you ask yourself:

  • How could they possibly know what I’ve been through?
  • Is this person taking in consideration the experiences I’ve had and how could they possibly relate?”
  • Sure they think I can change, they haven’t gone through life yet and certainly haven’t gone through life like I have.”

Or do you say to yourself:

  • Well they do seem to have a fresh perspective things.
  • The world is changing and the youth have a new way of seeing things, maybe I should look into what they are teaching
  • They look to be doing OKĀ  for themselves and what I’ve been doing so far isn’t working.

We know youth can lead to inspiration and innovation but is it simply because they don’t have the baggage that someone older has in the way of experiences & limiting beliefs?

Do you listen and review if what they share in the way of philosophies, systems, implementation & results makes sense?

Are you being objective when you ask yourself these questions and if so what’s your take on it?

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