Economics Spiritual Marketing and My Big Mouth Around the New Lifestyle Design

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Economics Spiritual Marketing and My Big Mouth

I posted a quote on my Facebook Profile the other day that got some resistance about the language it consisted of that blurred the lines of economics, consciousness & spiritual new age talk.

I suppose this post comes down to innovation and your beliefs around it in regards to lifestyle & the design of it. The philosophy goes deeper than that but this post centers on lifestyle design. (After I read this it’s about a LOT more)

There is a system in place today which will probably tell you that you don’t have a choice about the design of your lifestyle because “it’s always been like that.” There are a lot of people participating in this system that will attempt to convince you to stay in that same lifestyle box they are in because it’s safe…for them, not you.

This post serves a few points to:

  • Challenge your thoughts around what it means to Get Rich today
  • Challenge your philosophies around how to Accomplish getting Rich (No this doesn’t mean you become a millionaire or anything close)
  • To introduce you to some of the New Rich
  • Shed light on your old thinking and consider the possibilities if you were to suspend disbelief and old paradigms over all

The quote that started it all:

You don’t live at a higher level of vibration because you’re out of debt, you get out of debt because you decided to start living at a higher level of vibration.”-MJ (Living Authentically & Doing what you Love)

Challenging Business Philosophies Of Yesterday

I was raised by my Great Grandparents who grew up going through the great depression. I heard all about lack. I grew up on concepts & ingrained beliefs that were laden with debt and challenge. Fortunately integrity, honesty and a pretty steady moral compass were also taught to me & grounded me in much of what you and I probably agree on are the same beliefs, morals & standards that also can be the ground work for success in our lives.

Many would believe that this is the foundation of work hard for what you want and you’ll get it, but be prepared to pay the price. Long hours, sacrifice and grinding it out will get you what you want but only after giving up a lot of what you may want in the moment. Delayed gratification seems to be honored and expected in order to live a lifestyle that is comfortable.

Should this be challenged?

I doubt this is a naive way to look at or approach business either back in my great grandparents day or even today. Many a successful businesses have been built like this. But at what price of the person or persons building it?

What standards have been set for the average person today who thinks this is the only way to obtain the quality of life they are really desperate for? Never mind the new advancements in technology and philosophy.

Is there balance in many peoples lives these days? Nope. Not only is there no balance but it’s so lopsided in the direction of debt, depression and health challenges that we’re the fattest, drug induced, in debt country on the planet. (Strictly my perception)

With technology as advanced as it is and automation able to be implemented what are our choices today?


More on that subject in a minute too.

Consumers Are Consumed

The debt that was referenced in the quote has always consumed consumers, however that doesn’t make it right. Nor is it required to be tolerable from one generation to the next. If my message today impacts one person to reflect upon their situation and question it, take some sort of action or at least look into it then my small action made a difference. (Which is what it was meant for regardless of the language that was used in the quote)

By posting the quote on my Facebook profile it reminds me of the story of the boy & the starfish.

There was a boy was walking down a beach where thousands of starfish were washed ashore. A man noticed the boy picking up one star fish at a time and throwing them back int he water. “Boy why are you doing that? You’re never going to make a difference to all these starfish.” The boy without even looking at the man picked up another starfish and threw it back out to sea and with out so much of a glance before picking up the next one said, “Well I made a difference to that one.”

No Matter how small of a contribution you feel you’re making you are making one. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t connect with the language you use.

What matters most is your intent and who is prepared to engage with your message in a manner in which they receive value. Isn’t that the foundation of business? Contribution, authenticity and of course trading dollars for value?

Out With the Old In With The New?

So where is this going, why great grandparents, technology and a picture of Einstein?

I’ve got what are considered old school values with new school philosophy. Sounds stupid because it is. I’ll dig into that near the end of this post.

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that because of technology we are living in a rapidly growing world however a rapidly shrinking world as well. Sites like Facebook have made it an incredibly smaller (Shrinking) world because of our ability to connect with so many people around the world within seconds. Providing you have social skills in social media.

Just this past Saturday I reached out to someone in India & friended them based on some mutual friends we have. Two emails later and we had already bonded.

Growth, Consciousness and technology all seem to go hand in hand with me. If we didn’t grow and explore higher levels of consciousness and possibilities our technology would have never of grown like it has. Our country (And our Worlds) Economy is changing rapidly right now with the addition of all of the new technology and of course the internet. Business as it was years ago will change and IS changing as we speak.

Social media is changing the marketing landscape regardless if it is just another media and will eventually be regulated.  It’s free for the moment and it’s available to the masses right now.

To grow a business with the concepts like what’s considered good salesmanship & marketing have been fundamental to grow a business. However they can, should and still will be questioned, challenged and explored for the sake of growth and a changing technology landscape. Mind you Integrity, honor & honesty are not up for debate and are non-negotionable.

I’m talking about how tactics, media and communication are being used. They should be challenged and explored not morals.

My background has been in salesmanship and I felt I was grounded in some solid principles before and during my 7 1/2 years in the manufactured home industry where I felt I had moderate success. Integrity was always key and knowing I had 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason was an important lesson when working one on one with people for so long. (It’s also a good philosophy in in the social media landscape)

But so was exploring innovation and change.

Who Are The New Rich

I’m studying demographics and spending patterns, which as I study economics right now these are quite clearly important when understanding people, markets and trends. With the baby boomer generation exiting, Gen X still hang’en in there and Gen Y entering, I’m noticing a challenge in the lifestyle desire and living the normal pay the price to get the lifestyle philosophy. Technology & philosophy is changing this and to ignore it is going to be fatal for many.

To embrace it could change your life. Mind you I agree this lifestyle isn’t for everyone but for those seeking freedom as utmost importance more so than security this could be a huge wake up call.

I’m seeing a new thought & lifestyle design movement with the emergence of Tim Ferriss and his 4 Hour Work Week or what he calls the New Rich philosophy.

Blogs like

Thrilling Heroics- Video Introduction to Work-Anywhere Lifestyle

Illuminated Mind-The Zero Hour Work Week

The Art Of Non-Conformity-Travel & Technology

Business Backpacker-How to Live an Exceptional Life of Meaning (Yes women too)

Life Excursion-How to Go from 9-5 on Monday to Aussie Bum on Monday

The Life Design Project-Lifestyle Design

And quite frankly it’s not just Gen Y that has moved into this thought process. Hell I’m 36 and I’m just now getting it really.

JetSet Citizen -Celebrating Global Citizens In Pursuit of an Excellent Life

I could go on and on with the sites I found but you get the point.

There are other options for life style design. These individuals broke out of the norm and began to live at a higher vibration of thought and consciousness in order to live a life many believe isn’t possible. Good thing they all missed the work 40 hours a week for 40 years plan to retire on 40% of what you had a hard time getting by on to begin with, class in school.

Even Robert Kiyosaki makes mention of this type of lifestyle in his Rich Dad Poor Dad book. Even deeper into this still is his new book The New Rules Of Money.

Is Being Rich Really All That It’s Cracked Up To Be Still?

Debt Sucks. I know because I’ve had a lot of it.

Living at a higher vibration of thought (Consciousness) can open your mind to new tools, skills, technology and abilities in order to get out of the debt and moving into a new lifestyle. One without debt that burdens you and one of fulfillment and quality time with the family & friends you love.

An example Tim Ferris gives goes something like this:

The person who makes $100,00 a year and works 60 hours a week makes $33.00 an hour. The person who makes $50,000 a year and only works 15 hours a week makes $64.00 an hour. (And has a whole lot more time freedom)

Get rid of the debt, keep low overhead and a lifestyle designed around freedom in combo with the above concept makes you living what Tim calls The New Rich lifestyle.

I just believe with new generations come new thought and with that comes new language.  Proper ethics & morals are timeless and don’t change in my opinion. Tactics do.

Social media is a form of media as my friend Chris Blackerby says. Just like anything else it’s a Media outlet and eventually it will be regulated. There are people already abusing social media and those are immoral people. (Can you say Twitter Spam?) There will be another form of media outlet as we progress and explore technology I’m sure. Innovation will occur just like what created Facebook.

But until then get a MOVE ON with what you have to work with.

The Deeper Message

Einstein was and still is one of the leading thought leaders. Even today he could be categorized as new agey based on a lot of his musings. Many people thought he was a straight up scientist however much of what he talked about could be categorized as new agey. The language I used in 1st quote has been around for a long time.

Here is the quote I ended up referring to for Einstein:

You can’t fix a problem at the same level of consciousness that it was created.

Sounds a little new agey doesn’t it? In the early 1900’s I’m not thinking so. But it’s true.

You can’t get out of debt with the same level of consciousness that you got yourself into debt. It requires a higher level of vibration, thought and innovation in order to get out of debt. That may lead you to becoming more resourceful, inspired and taking action!

I’ve grown up and spent much of my time around older people and I’ve learned what to do and how to think as well as what not to do and what not to think.

Older doesn’t always mean wiser. It means learning from not only our past but the past of those who came before us and what needs to be innovated. That shouldn’t be confused with accepting what is supposedly the normal lifestyle either. The end should not justify the means.

Zig Ziglar is to many and to this day is still one of my hero’s. I’ve seen him speak countless times and have many of his books on my bookshelves. However I wouldn’t think of using some of his “Secrets of Closing the Sale” techniques in the world of social media. Does that mean his philosophy is flawed? Or that social media is some new fangled gadget that will loose it’s luster because it doesn’t jive with old school philosophies that have always worked?


Much of what Zig teaches is timeless. Some of those teachings may have to be explored, reinvigorated or simply may not be a good use with the new social media landscape. But much of what Zig has taught over the years is timeless and built in moral life philosophies.

My point is don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. There is much our cultures & generations can learn from one another. Old and new. Language and philosophies. Tactics and techniques.

On A Spiritual Level

When we’re in judgment of Gen Y for example and their new philosophies of lifestyle design we’re definitely not in a zero state where we can be open to live in the present. When in judgment your thoughts are in your past beliefs and therefor not in the present moment. It’s impossible to be open to inspiration (possibilities) when in this state.

That to me is a philosophy that rings true no matter what our generation, sex, religion or race is. When we’re in judgment of their language, philosophies or ethics we’re incapable of being present in our own lives at that moment and being open to inspiration & new possibilities.

So yes, I suppose this post comes down to innovation and your beliefs around it in regards to lifestyle but it hits on a deeper message. Staying open to inspiration and challenging judgment with it rears it’s ugly head.

Whether that judgment comes from yourself or from others. Be conscious and be open.

I’ll end with one other quote from Einstein

So long as they don’t get violent, I want to let everyone say what they wish, for I myself have always said exactly what pleased me.” — Albert Einstein

So say as you wish and leave your comments below.  🙂

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