Does Social Media Equal Social Skills

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Social Media Still Pisses Me Off

::Begin Rant::

Ok it doesn’t really piss me off. It’s the people who still don’t “get it” or worse yet, get it but don’t care.

There is a reason why Social Media doesn’t work for most people and below is a big reason why.

Yesterday I’m on Facebook and I get a few new friends who wish to add me. One of the things Facebook needs to allow us is the opportunity to scope people out, even if their profile IS private. If that person is reaching out to me I’d like to know what they are about first by checking out their profile.

Well I have a few criteria before adding someone even to just check them out.

  • 1. Have a Picture
  • 2. Send me a note as to why you’re adding me and at least introduce yourself.

Yeah well I got someone with a picture but they just added me. So silly me, I decide to give them a shot and check them out. I added them in a rush and then moved on to my other morning duties. Next thing I know about 30 minutes later I get a notice this person has plastered a HUGE and I mean HUGE picture of their latest miracle juice on my wall. šŸ™

Interesting huh?

Would you possibly go to a party where you don’t know anyone, walk up to total strangers and shove your wares in their faces and start pitching them on your latest miracle juice, prepaid card, food or service? Quick answer…NO.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to add a note when your friend requesting someone. Be polite and use it. You would introduce yourself at a party wouldn’t you?

::End Rant::

Where Do You Fit In

Where does one fit in when in the world of social media these days?

With so many new people coming into the world of Twitter and the phrase social media being thrown around like a pillow at a teen age slumber party, you have to acknowledge the question.

This blog isn’t about social media mind you because like anything else the phrase social media will eventually morph and the phrase will be left behind. I like the idea of social media because it involves human dynamics, personality, engagement and connection.

Social media marketingĀ  requires people to actually be social.

The challenge?

The vast majority of people coming into the world of social media are:

  1. Are simply pushing their wares
  2. If they aren’t pushing waresĀ  they are pushing out noisy information that is of little or no value.

Thus this exposes those who are not personally developed and committed to awareness of their market. (And of people in general) I see them as self servant and just out to make a buck.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain because it promotes those of us who get it and are able to stand out in the crowd. However I believe not making people aware of this just dilutes the strength of social media and gives it a bad name. Much like unprofessional network marketers have done for network marketing & MLM’s. It doesn’t meant these aren’t good vehicles. It just means the people driving them aren’t very good drivers.

Social Skills 101

I feel as if their needs to be a social class 101. Social Media much like network marketing will expose or promote your level of human connection and understanding.

Over at he nails it on the head with the Top 10 DON’Ts of social media.

You need a solid base for you to operate from when starting to market products, information or servicesĀ  online to people. Knowing that you care and give a crap is still sales 101 and most important to people.

If you think about it god gave us 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen more and then you’ll speak more effectively“.-Me

Transparency, your willingness to listen and your ability to truly connect with your audience all seem like an elusive fairy to most of the masses on line.

This is sales 101 off line and it still plays true in the social media world if you’re going to market stuff.

“I’ve always said people buy people, they don’t buy products.”

“People buy solutions, they don’t buy products.”

“People don’t want a drill they want the hole it will provide them.”

I could go on…

Deeper Down The Social Rabbit Hole

Now if you dig much deeper thereĀ  of course is a whole subculture of social media ROIĀ  masters. How do you gauge your ROI (return on investment) when using social media for your off line or online business?

Social Media takes time and whether you’re a solopreneur or a large company your time is important and the relationships are even more critical. You should get a clear insight of ROI when it comes to social media.

Social Media Is Long Term

The funny thing about me even writing that phrase is that even though social media should be a long term process the phrase social media will probably be long gone long term, however it’s spirit of what it means to connect with people will live on.

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