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Are you struggling with social media selling for an effective ROI while remaining genuine? This episode is for you. 

My guest started off years ago reading the 4 Hour Workweek looking for a better way…
But today her digital agency has been hired by the likes of Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins, Joe Polish…and many more.
She was even hired by the Democratic Party for the social media campaign that won Barack Obama’s re-election!
  • Transformation: Struggled with using social media for any kind of REAL  ROI? This episode is for you…
  • Objections: Do you feel you just can’t get traction with your SM? Have you just figured it’s not for you? do you feel like you need to have thousands of followers before you can make any money?
Before we get started:



I am focused on results.
Real results. Traffic, Leads and Sales
Not fluffy, vanity metrics like engagement or Likes. 
Integrate organic & paid strategies to amplify quality content.

If you depend only on Facebook Ads, you’re vulnerable.
If they shut you down, your traffic stops immediately.
What can you do?

You can start NOW before the sh*t hits the fan.
Prepare – like insurance – to have a steady flow of traffic that is not platform dependent.

The Social Circuit
The clients who get the best results are those who produce MEANINGFUL content. It’s helpful, it’s useful, people need it. It deserves to be seen.

They’re also EVERYWHERE.

Back in the day, you could easily have silos of traffic.
Facebook Ads separate from Twitter, separate from LinkedIN.

But now, everything is different. People are everywhere.

A huge mistake people make is this …
They publish a blog post, and immediately send it to FB, Twitter, Instagram.

Then they forget about it.

If I follow you on all 3 platforms, I’ll get 3 notices that you published a blog post. At best, I’ll only click on one. The other two are a waste.

Instead, we have a different approach.

I’ve developed an Integrated Social Media flowchart that helps our clients get more Traffic, Leads, and Sales from their existing content.
We call it The Social Circuit.
It’s similar to a concept from Perry Marshall – Maze 2.0 & Brendan Burchard – Circular Viralosity

Here’s how it works: 
We take that ONE piece of content and create 48+ social media posts from it. We stagger it out on a schedule – across ALL social platforms – using PAID & ORGANIC strategies to deliver traffic, leads, and sales.

WHO is this good for?
Staggered content distribution is great for people who have a TON of content: videos, podcasts, blog posts, white papers, etc. All that content is wasting away in a dark warehouse, never seeing the light of day.

It’s also great for people just starting out. It’s a simple way for them to establish credibility quickly. They’re everywhere. You can’t miss them!

Social Media is the Storytelling Arm of Your Business.

A good social media manager is your storyteller.
They can take the personality of you and your business and translate that to reach more people who need to hear it.
FAR too many people think cat memes and “Buy My Stuff” posts will get the job done.
Don’t fall into the trap of automating things to the point of sounding like a robot.
This is your opportunity to connect with your customers on a deep level.
Social media posts mean so little if you’re not CONNECTING emotionally.
We want people to FEEL something when they read our posts.

It starts with in-depth niche research:
  • Understand the psycho-graphics of what bonds people emotionally on social media.
  • Go beyond the demographics of your audience.
  • Go deeper to understand WHO they are, fears, hopes, dreams, etc.
We teach our students & clients through a very thorough, 8 step process of discovery. This takes you beyond demographics and into the mind, heart, and soul of your audience members.
You can speak directly to them, and the results are evident.
  1. Polarize your audience.
  2. Take a stand.
  3. Have an opinion.
  4. Speak up and debate in the comments.
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