5 Steps to Performing Your Philosophy

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Performing Your Philosophy

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”-unknown

Several things influenced me to write this post. Too many to list however I have to give the title credit to my friend Evan who sparked the thought via Twitter and someone who emailed me this past week.

Because of my music background I’ve been clearly aware of influences and how they can guide the direction of your musical output & decision making. Today whether it be musical tastes, business decisions or life altering decisions like marriage there are influences involved.

Planning To Perform

The less you plan the more outside influences plan for you-and they usually don’t have your best interest at heart.“-Me

The work that’s required to tap into your philosophy & perform it is not the kind you may be thinking,

Fact is you may be constipated with knowledge as it is.

It’s going to require you to not only start thinking differently but taking action on those thoughts and doing things differently. You’ll have to strip away your old beliefs and start embracing your current so called flaws because they are a part of you. You will have to start letting go of your current perceptions that they are bad.

You have to ask yourself some questions and you have to be freak’n honest when you do. These are very real hard hitting questions that you can’t bullshit your way around. If you do you’re only cheating yourself from the life you are meant for. Try this exercise:

  1. If time & money wasn’t an issue what would you do with your life?
  2. Why aren’t you doing it? (List out your excuses)
  3. Now ask yourself, are they reality or are they just beliefs? (You’re beliefs make up your reality, you’re reality isn’t real, it’s simply made up from your beliefs)
  4. What is it costing you right now by not pursuing your passion? (List these out)
  5. What will it cost you if you continue to keep on the same path for the next 10 years.
  6. If you don’t correct your course what does that look or feel like at the end of 10 years?
  7. Are you ok with that?

Take those questions and begin to really be with the answers. I don’t care if they hurt, scare you or you’re afraid of what you spouse would think if they knew etc. Be freak’n REAL with your answers. What you resist will persist. If you don’t start to embrace this stuff, it will continue to keep you prisoner no matter what books or CD’s you consume.

Just Start Already Damn

However much you want to think about it (and god knows I’m the king of thinking about it) nothing will ever trump just freaking starting. I’ve wrestled with this on many occasions and even lately with some of my online ventures.

I plan on sharing with you in a video just how bad I can be at this myself at times so don’t think you’re special just because you’re good at procrastinating. 🙂

Compromising Because of So Called Reality

Keep in mind I can’t do it for you, I can only help facilitate the process. It won’t all of a sudden hit you in the head and you have some amazing life changing moment. (Ok, in some rare cases like near death experiences maybe) This is a process of realizing you are the only person not allowing you to live at your full potential.

You are the only one that can release this baggage you’ve held onto all these years that keeps you feeling mentally “trapped.”  (this is all Ego telling you this by the way. Just know it’s all BS) I’m not saying a coach can’t be beneficial in facilitating this. They certainly can. But you’re the one that eventually has to do it.

  • It’s that very same thing that keeps you at the same job you’ve been at for years.
  • It’s the same thing keeps you in your morning routine that you never seem to change.
  • It’s the very same thing that keeps you doing the same things as a couple because you’ve always done them that way.

Routine can be your best friend and it can also be your worst enemy. (Ego loves to stay comfortable)

The problem is you more than likely compromise because of so called reality. It’s why you get stuck in a “rut.” You’re aware of it, you just don’t seem to know why, right?

I know exactly how this feels because I felt it almost 10 years ago until I finally had enough and walked into by bosses office and told him I was moving on. I HAD to do it because my soul was telling me to move on. I was unfulfilled and not serving anyone by doing something I wasn’t passionate about anymore. I simply wasn’t willing to compromise anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. My 7 1/2 years in the mobile home business served me big time and I don’t regret a moment. But it served me it’s lessons and It was time to move on towards my higher purpose. I looked at it as a stepping stone.

Course Correction

When you refuse to listen to that all knowing part of you and you remain complacent in routine it starts coming out in different ways trying to get your attention. Much like a child would do when they can’t get your attention.

We all need a coach sometimes to help facilitate change and guide our course in our lives. I did it earlier this year and it was the very best thing I ever did for myself to accelerate my success. But like my coach said to me:

Don’t put faith in me because I will disappoint you if you look to me for all the answers. Only put faith in your connection to the divinity that you are a divine being with limitless power.

Most of the time you just gotta reconnect to source and realize you were the only thing in your way. Meditation every day is a good start and like a shower is a daily requirement.

Where is your foot hold in your supposed reality right now?

The key here is for you to really understand we are here for a purpose and we’re all provided with natural gifts to live that purpose.

There is discontent when we’re not living in our light, our dharma or our purpose.

Some peoples gift is being a mother. Some it may be being an artist. Someone else it may be being a spiritual teacher. Regardless of our roles it’s being what feels fulfilling at the end of the day that matters most.

Go back and do the exercise and ask yourself those questions in order to get a foot hold on what you’d like your reality to be. Then read the 12 steps that lead to loving all of you.

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