The Only 3 Things We Care About

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The Only 3 Things We Care About

I know this is a big claim however a good friend shared this with me and I’d love your feedback on how on target he is.

Here are your 3 things and in order as they are important in life to 90% of people and their fast paced lives:

  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Health

And in that order of importance to 90% of the population.


Think about it this way, when you were a toddler, teenager and young adult weren’t relationships most important to you? Obvious ones would be your mother or father.

But didn’t you think about playing with your friends most as a little kid, spending time with the guys or girls after school as a teenager and/or engaging in recreational events or as an example, happy hour as a 20 something adult?

For the majority of people at the young stages of life money and certainly health wasn’t the first concern or focus.


Now somewhere around the teen age & young adult stage you became aware of the importance put on money. (I.E. MTV Cribs) Your programming, although done mostly by your parents philosophies as a child, you were taught through media the lifestyle of the rich and famous was paramount. Achieve this level of accumulation and it’s perceived nirvana.

Only movie stars, athletes and music stars have the ability to make mega income lifestyle. The special people.


And finally as we get older 40,50 and 60 years of age we become more concerned with health hopefully.  As a young adult or your midlife years you were healthy as a horse and you had no signs that you should be more proactive.

It makes sense that quality of life becomes more important at this point in life. With wisdom & life experiences comes your awareness of a deeper knowing of whats important and if not, then you become dependent on our expensive health care system. This is obvious when you look at our millions of baby boomers beginning to enter that system today. More than ever they are concerned with being proactive with their health. They realize the system is broken and expensive and the need to live proactively with supplements, a better than average diet and exercise.

What Does It Mean

So what keeps people from experiencing and having everything in life they want in reference to the above 3 things? Their thoughts that surround the meaning of good relationships, great health and lots of money.

Guess what person you must have a good relationship with first?

That’s right, you.

The mind keeps us from having the experience of what actually is.“-Bill Harris Centerpointe Research

Whatever your relationship is with yourself, I know through emotional intelligence, awareness & support you’re able to integrate and have all of the benefits from these 3 areas today.

Peal back the onion through self exploration & optimization.

You’re in a relationship building world and when your best developed relationship is with yourself, a whole new realm of possibilities open up.

How do you feel about the 3 things supposedly being the most important?

Do you see things differently?

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