How To Put Lipstick On A Pig (In Business and in Life)

personal development strategyMaking Changes Without Really Making Changes

[No piggies were harmed in the writing of this post to my knowledge]

Have you ever determined you were going to make a change in your life but when you did, nothing really changed?

I mean sure the commitment was there for a while, but it just never truly stuck for some reason.

As an example…

Have you ever bought into a business in a box or some kind of system that was going to turn it all around for you financially? All you needed to do was follow the same steps as the person who created it and wholla, instant results, right?

Oh wait, it didn’t happen?

Ok then, what about the latest fad diet that’s out in your favorite health magazine? Did it get you the 6 pack abs you were looking for?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, it’s Ok. I totally get it. I’ve been there too. It’s what I call mastering the art of putting lipstick on a pig. (And no, I’m not calling you a pig either)

This is the art of laying shiny new tactics, information or programs on top of your old way of processing the world but expecting a different result.

It’s enough to drive you bananas if you keep doing it over and over.

Buying It Doesn’t Mean You Get The Result

Yes I know it feels good to buy something that says you’re going to get such and such result when you do buy it.

God knows I’ve done it in the past.

But the fact remains that no matter what kind of paint by the numbers system you buy, or what $1997 online course you buy, and certainly no matter what kind of dead simple looking-supposedly money dumping into your bank account next week-we promise; business opportunity comes your way…NONE of it matters unless what’s going on inside you is actually ready for the results these products can help facilitate.

Definition of Facilitate: to make easier; assist the progress of

The products don’t make you successful with your outcomes, you do. They only facilitate your outcomes.

Same goes with buying the latest fad diet system to drop those 30 or 40 lbs you may be carrying around.

It’s all painting lipstick on a pig unless you do the work and can see yourself as deserving and worthy of whatever outcome you’re shooting for. You have to see yourself as a person who is worthy and capable of receiving the outcome. 

You see, your personality is made up of deep unconscious meta programs and core values which both lie underneath your values, beliefs and thoughts which are much more conscious. Meta programs and core values will largely decide whether you move away from being fat and poor or whether you move towards being fit and rich.

Many people don’t change their unconscious meta programs unless they go through some sort of dramatic emotional shift. (You’ve probably heard about the near death experience that turns someone’s life around) but it doesn’t mean that you can’t begin understanding what really drives you today and making progress.

So when I say do the work, I’m just talking about knowing yourself. Truly knowing yourself and what drives your personality. If you’re an away personality then cool. Just be aware you are and you can make huge strides in accomplishing your goals by structuring things around you to coincide with your make up. But more importantly you’ll be able to strategically shift to, towards behavior when you’ve accomplished your away goals. That’s known as progressive realization.

This is a high level observation but shifting from away to towards behavior in your goals can help keep you from putting lipstick on a pig because it requires new ways of perceiving your world, new behaviors as well as new habits. You’re bound to get some different results with this combo.

Speaking of results.

The Truth About Results

So if just buying the stuff doesn’t make you successful, then what are you shooting for?

You’re looking for results, but not just any ol’ kind of results.

You see, the results you’re looking for alone won’t make you happy even if any of these business in a box systems or fad diets work. What will make you feel good is the unquenchable self respect that you have for yourself that keeps you vigilant, on task and in the game until you achieve your outcome. It’s the old journey not the destination trick.

So foster a deep self respect for yourself which supports you in holding yourself to your highest good.

When I look back on my life at least, it’s been the trials I’ve been through that made me appreciate the destinations I landed in. Nothing tragic happened to me. I made it through and I was still standing. This builds character when you accept that the only way out is through. Victory in those moments never tasted so delicious.

Knowing the planning you put in, the effort you applied and the dedication of seeing it through till the end is where you experience the pride of accomplishment.

The results of a successful business with cash flow or a healthy body are just the icing on the cake.

I don’t care if it’s losing weight or creating a business that does generate a windfall of cash, it’s you that is the determining factor not the product or fad.

But I dare go even deeper than that.

  1. It’s when you find that place where you decide to acknowledge your current reality, whether good or bad
  2. It’s when you acknowledge your strengths and talents. When you realize they do matter and someone in the world needs you to acknowledge them and hone them so you can touch their life.
  3. When you begin to tap into your resourcefulness in order to share them strategically and purposely

These are what helps create space for something authentic and long lasting to occur in your life.

This is when you accept full responsibility and begin to become fully awake.

“It’s not always the resources that make you successful in your ventures but your resourcefulness.” 

Rather than look for the next business opportunity or fad diet that’s going to provide you results, look to acknowledge your own strengths and talents that you can capitalize on and become the best at. Then ask yourself where you can apply them to serve the greatest value. Then DO IT.

What You Really Want Is…

“Clarity comes from engagement not thought.”Marie Forleo

Water meets it’s own level and it’s time to raise the level of what you’re capable of.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

If you want too feel the fulfillment of standing in the victory circle, that feeling will only come from knowing you applied yourself, your resourcefulness and having your heart fully in whatever it is you’re shooting for. It will only happen when you are all in.

  • You won’t achieve that feeling with a short cut.
  • You won’t achieve it by just thinking about it.
  • You can only achieve it by engaging in it.

It. Does. Not. Happen. Otherwise.

  • Stop buying the hype of big money that come from zero work.
  • Stop buying the promise of overnight successes
  • Stop buying into anything other than investing in you

It. Can. Happen.When.

  • You start putting yourself around other A players who want to do it, not talk about it
  • You start applying the knowledge you gather consistently
  • You invest in a way to hold yourself accountable

So What Will You Do Next? 

Evaluate if you’re still trying to put lipstick on a pig somewhere in your life. Are you capitalizing on your core strengths or are you looking for something that just does it all for you so you don’t really have to?

Take a minute and share with me your top two strengths in the comments below.

Photo by Boston Public Library


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