Waking From The Human Dream

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The Human Dream

How awake are you today?

And no I’m not asking if you’re still in your PJ’s either.

Just so you know…

I’m afraid to post this.

I’m afraid you’ll think I’m out there.

I’m afraid you’ll not read my blog anymore.

I’m afraid you’ll judge me.

But I’m doing it anyway, because I’m waking up…

If I seem a little out there maybe it’s because you’re in there. Consider coming out and taking a look before you judge it.

Waking from the human dream has begun to be a paramount shift I’m experiencing right now. I’m living a life of light more than I feel I ever have.

I feel I’ve discovered buckets of creativity and potential lately.

I’m having more amazing relationships that compliment my awareness come into my life than ever before.

I am more present than ever. In these moments, like now as I write this, It feels as if boat loads of ideas flow effortlessly through me.

It comes to me unbridled and unattached of exterior outcomes or influence.

I’m finding myself on purpose, projecting a loving light back onto a holographic world known as my reality.

The world is light. The light rays pass through the lens of the eye, which actually changes shape so it can further bend the rays and focus them on the retina at the back of the eye.

The world is a hologram my friend and you & I are it’s projector.

We can project what we desire.

I feel I now am waking. I’m beginning to see I am the person that can project what I choose. I am bending the light to see a self image that is loving, accomplished, passionate, creative, compassionate and becoming free of the human dream.  Along with it’s attachments.

I’ve come to acknowledge that my belief is that I am a vessel for creation.

  • I don’t have to choose just to be a blogger
  • I don’t have to choose just to create music
  • I don’t have to choose just to be a speaker
  • I don’t have to choose just to be a marketer
  • I don’t have to choose just to be an author
  • I don’t have to choose just to be consultant
  • I don’t have to choose just to (insert the little box that the world attempts to project onto you)

I am none of those, but I choose to allow all of those roles to flow through me.

I am not attached to being any one of them.

I am not just any one of those titles. I only choose to experience what the title implies. I can have more than one experience damnit.

Who says I have to choose just one?

The Human Attachment

Allowing myself to experience all of these roles never would have been possible up until now.

Before I was:

  • Domesticated
  • Hypnotized
  • Pr0grammed
  • Conditioned

…by the human dream and by it’s participants who have yet to awake from their dream.

Not pretty or feelgood words I know, but definitely a truth for me that I’ve come to acknowledge in my recent work. I’ve been discovering how words reveal how you and I see the world.

Before today, I saw my world in a box because I held attachments. Those attachments fed the projector (me). This is the reality that kept me experiencing pain and suffering.

I unconsciously held attachments to things, people, ideas and experiences.

All of this made up my self image.

How do you see yourself?

It’s an important question to ask because:

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we see ourselves.”-Steven Covey

Words are not truth, these words you’re reading right now aren’t even truth. They are only a sign post. They point to my projection of what I see as my truth.

You need to question yours.

  1. My mind had tricked me into thinking this human dream is real and this is where I meet my attachments face to face.
  2. My attachments have kept me prisoner up until now.
  3. No longer do I choose to believe in these attachments so no longer can they have power over me and the direction I choose.

“Continuous mind activity keeps you imprisoned in the world of form and becomes an opaque (not letting light pass through) screen that prevents you from becoming conscious of the Unmanifested, conscious of the formless and timeless god-essence in yourself and in all things and all creatures.“-Eckhart Tolle

But there is a way to awake and serve, to contribute and to live free of these attachments.

What has caused the most pain and suffering for me over the past 5 years that I’m conscious of?

  • Attachment to what I had done or hadn’t accomplished.
  • Attachment to who I thought I was and how I saw myself.
  • Attachment to stuff that I thought made up my identity, such as cars, a house, the way I should dress or a type of job.
  • Attachment to who I thought my friends were or weren’t.
  • Attachment to thoughts and beliefs that if challenged I would resist or resent. Including whoever presented them.
  • Attachment to what my parents thought of me
  • Attachment to what my friends expected of me
  • Attachment to what my piers in business expected me to be

And then I began to consciously question…

Waking From The Human Dream

Serendipitously this part of the post actually ties into Nathan Hangens post, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Ironically the post you’re reading right now was started a week before I had even read Nathans. But after reading his PDF download, It resonated with me to tie this in.

From his free PDF Download:

I donʼt know what Iʼm doing.
I really donʼt. Iʼm just on a journey, in the same way that you are, that we all are.
I donʼt have any answers, but I have a lot of questions.

Asking questions is where we begin to awake from the human dream.

Not just any questions though.

I’ve been asking empowering questions.

I encourage you to ask yourself questions that empower your current experience.

You’ve probably always been taught, Don’t Ask Stupid Questions.

I say fuck that.

I ask questions such as:

  • If I could wake up every morning and do anything I wanted, what would it be?
  • Who would I do it with?
  • Where would we/I do it? (Get your mind our of the gutter 😉 )
  • What steps need to happen in order to accomplish it?
  • What steps do I need to take today to make that my reality?
  • How soon can I get started on it?
  • Who do I know who has already done it, and I could contact?

If you don’t ask these questions you leave unconscious space.

This is where sabotage is born.

Seth Godin posted recently about sabotage and frankly you can replace marketing with waking:

“We don’t resist because we’re not capable of it… we resist because if our marketing fails, if we don’t get the job or earn the trust, then we’re off the hook. No promises made, which means no promises to keep.”-Seth Godin

Unleash Your Life As Art

There are so many reasons why I know I’m meant to create and perform my gifts regardless if it’s via music, marketing, blogging, writing or speaking and no matter who’s watching, who’s reading, or who’s listening.

I am to do so regardless of someone elses attachment to what they think I’m supposed to be doing or how I should do it.

I’ve never talked to Nathan about our work as being art but I’ve picked up enough from his work that we’re probably on the same page.

When I was performing as a musician as a teen, creating and projecting my music was paramount. Lots of people dug it, some didn’t.

Back then I didn’t have as much of an attachment to peoples expectation of my music. I was completely focused on the now when I was creating it. I was completely focused on expressing the energy that was me. It was how I saw myself and I was cool with it.

Afterwords I got caught up in the self image created by someone elses expectation of me.

That someone chose to engage in another relationship (while she was still living with me), then left the relationship and I experienced feeling alone and deceived.

She left me for someone who was making more money than art.

Later I would leave the world of  music to focus on making money. Interesting isn’t it?

I decided to chase the mask of money because of someone elses attachment.

The world of blogging (Or any other community where others congregate) I see everyone wearing similar social masks. People blogging about stuff because they see others doing it. I don’t wish to see their reasons but you’ll see as you read Nathans PDF download that he say’s everyone is smiling but no one is happy.

“Weʼve become a culture that admires celebrity more than contribution.”-Nathan Hangen

I can’t speak for his projection but it all sounds familiar to what I experienced.

The distortion I believe comes from our attachment to other peoples expectations of us. Rather than living in a child like state of “I am here right now, whether I’m crying or I’m playing.

We I show up in such a way that we seek community, acceptance and wanting to feel loved…at almost any cost. Even if that means we stay asleep in the human dream.

Ask yourself, what are people looking for who feel they must:

  • Retweet a Twitter post
  • Share a status on Facebook or comment on one
  • Or share their comment on a blog post (Provided their intentions are to contribute, not spam)

What are they looking for?

  • They are all seeking to be safe in this waking dream.
  • They are all seeking to feel a sense of significance in this dream
  • They are all seeking to feel a sense of contribution in this dream. (Even if they never read the link they retweeted)
  • They are all seeking to find a sense of certainty in this dream
  • They are all seeking to a sense of variety in this dream

They are all seeking these experiences in a way that is congruent with how they see themselves whether they are conscious or unconscious of who that exactly is.

Their attachment (and this isn’t a marketing tactic) hasn’t been their fault. Until now they you and I were asleep. But because we’ve become conscious of it at least there is a chance that we are able to start finding the authentic you me.

As an artist, musician and someone who loves to create I find so much satisfaction in self expression. Yes, I have an attachment to being able to express myself, however it frees my energy.  It doesn’t hold my creativity captive.

“I remain open to my experiences, not someone elses expectations.”

Do I give a shit when people don’t like my art? Sure, at times I still find myself reacting. That is until I step back and witness it. Witnessing keeps me in a space of being able to respond and say, “isn’t that interesting?

I won’t lie, it’s not always that easy but because I make it a point to stay grounded I’m beginning to witness more and find I’m attached to less.

I do realize the only reason I still react is because I’m still waking up from the human dream.

It’s a process damnit.

Next Steps

From brilliant copywriter Uegene Schwartz:

“You’ve got to break that fascination with words. Of course you’ve got to have the right words. Of course you have to have the punch headline But when the right words come “0” people don’t see them, they feel them.”-Uegene Schwartz

I am going to challenge you today to ask yourself better questions starting now that make you feel alive in the moment.

Ask yourself questions using words that you feel resonate within you and accentuate your brilliance and self love.

Use words that make you sit straight up in bed and awaken from the dream.

  • Brilliance
  • Wonder
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Gorgeous
  • Connection

So here’s what to do next:

Be sure to read Nathan Hangens download: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Now Write out:

  1. If I could wake up every morning and do anything I wanted, what would it be?
  2. Who would I do it with?
  3. Where would we/I do it?
  4. What steps need to happen in order to accomplish it?
  5. What steps do I need to take today to make that my reality?
  6. How soon can I get started on it?
  7. Who do I know who has already done it, and I could contact?

Ask questions…you may find the dream you’re in is one you want to wake up from.

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