[Coaches]: 3 Timeless Marketing Secrets Your Prospects Wish You Knew

You don’t have to be an internet marketing specialist to Use These 3 No-Nonsense Marketing Tips

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Topics Covered:

[00:28] – The one MAJOR thing in your business you shouldn’t outsource
[01:29] – The benefit of mastering a single concept
[02:19] – The difference between running your business as a marketer vs an expert
[03:33] – The kind of currency you must be mindful of
[04:34] – Are you translating this key metric for your prospects?
[06:26] – How to get the “how to” of these 3 formula’s and online marketing strategies, for Free

internet marketing strategiesHi this is Tony Teegarden with TonyTeegarden.com and also the co-founder of the Online Marketing Mentor Program. In this video, I am going to talk to you about why you should not outsource your marketing.

Then I’m going to provide you actually three critical things that you need to focus on and to be able to focus on in order to serve your clients more effectively. So by far, something that I hear, probably a weekly basis, are coaches and experts and specialists that I’m working with that say, “Tony, will you just take over my marketing for me and let me focus on creating the content?” I’m going to tell you why that’s a really bad idea.

I’ll really put it into context saying that, “Would you outsource you thinking a on a day-to-day basis?” Well, chances are you probably wouldn’t. Our lives are guided by our value systems or a hierarchy of values. We have principles and morals and things like that that we live our lives by, and you wouldn’t outsource those sort of things, which are absolutely critical to the direction of your life. So why would you outsource your marketing, which is essentially the same thing? With marketing, what we want to do is we want to connect deeply with our audience, and we really need to have a deep understanding of what compels them, what moves them, both emotionally and intellectually.

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So what you gain from mastering your marketing is essentially you can strategically create content and an environment that invites the right kind of client, that you are looking to work with, into a relationship with you where there is an equal exchange of value, meaning they’re going to invest highly in themselves through you in order to receive an outcome. By mastering marketing, you make that process a lot easier on yourself as well as your clients.

So as you can see, by mastering your marketing, what you’re really doing is you’re redefining your perception of how you serve your ideal client. Really, when it gets down to it, we want to enjoy the clients that we work with, and we want them to enjoy working with us.

Here are three things to focus on with your new mindset around owning your marketing: 

Marketer Vs. Expert

1. Number one is understanding and applying: knowing the difference between showing up in your business as a marketer and as an expert. Showing up in your business as a marketer allows you to gain a lot of altitude around your business and to look at interactions and the applications of your content, your communications, in a more detached way, so that you are simply focusing on testing and figuring out what works best to engage with your customers and really knowing them on an intimate level.

You see an expert is probably less likely to share their knowledge and their information and their expertise with people because they feel that people need to pay them in order for them to share that. I can tell you that in this new knowledge economy, that this simply just doesn’t work. With information being as freely shared as it is today, it’s really important in order to provide people value out into the marketplace and to explain and to share with people knowledge that can serve and help them in their everyday lives. 


Your Customers Currency

2. The second thing you want to focus on with this new mindset of marketing in your business is what currency is your ideal prospect thinking in? Well, of course we’re not just talking about money, although in some fields and in some areas, yes, we are going to be measuring the success the client has by the amount of money that they make or even the money that they save.

For example, in the weight loss niche, when someone says, “Hey, listen I want to lose X amount of pounds,” well then you understand that they’re measuring their success by how many pounds they’re guaranteed to lose. Or if we’re talking about the dating niche, then how many phone numbers can someone get in order to get the ideal date?

So we have to understand what exactly the client values in their mind and how they’re going to measure it. Is it by the amount of money they saved, they’ve earned? Is it the amount of pounds that they lose? Is about the number of dates that they’re going to get? Understanding the currency of your ideal client is going to be a critical factor of understanding how they’re going to show up.

Value Translation

3. Finally, the third thing that you want to focus on with this new mindset around marketing is how to translate value for your ideal prospects. Now, you can’t leave it up to your ideal prospects to just simply be able to say, “Oh you’re charging X, and I’m going to get my outcome and it’s going to be okay,” because many times they’re not going to be able to do that. Our minds don’t think very conceptually very well, at least not the vast majority of the population.

So you really need to understand how you can go through this process of translating value for your ideal client, so that way, when you have a sales letter or sales video or any type of sales collateral that you’re using, that you want to be able to understand what it means to translate value so that even if you’re not having a one-on-one engagement with your client, that that process is still happening. It’s certainly going to improve your ability to convert that person into a new customer or client.

So there you have it. Now you understand by outsourcing your marketing, you’re really outsourcing your understanding of your ideal prospects and clients, and when you’re creating all of this content, you’ll do so strategically and really understanding what next step that you’re going to support that person in moving through. In that way, of course, you both end up with a win-win situation, because they invest in your products, your coaching, and your services and receive the outcomes that they’re looking for and you get paid highly.

So What Do You Do With Next?

So what about you? Have you been outsourcing your marketing? Or maybe not you’re not implementing any marketing at all? It’s not too late.

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