You Can’t Make Money With Social Media

You Can’t Make Money With Social Media from Tony Teegarden on Vimeo.

Is Social Media About Making Money

Social media is a fascinating subject to me because it’s all about relationship creation & developing trust first and foremost.

In a report from BNET Media Social Media represents 15% of all worldwide web traffic. What’s that matter? Three years ago the term didn’t even exist.

Over 105 million American’s now contribute to social media sites and it’s growing exponentially.

The train wreck I’m already seeing is this:

Now combine those stats with the one that states around 67% of adults never read another book after high school much less personal development or relationship development. I can assure you self taught millionaires & leaders are readers.

You can imagine it’s going to be people like you and me armed with the insight, clarity & personal development that will have the skill to navigate the social media landscape and connect with our audience the best…

…Unless of course I do an obscenely funny video on youtube that goes completely viral over night, but not likely. (Well maybe lets see 🙂 )

I believe social media can either promote you or expose you for what you really are; a giver or a taker.

The above video is an insight as to what social media is about and what it can really do for the average every day person like you online if you have the edge.

Social media will have many local business owners driving traffic to their places of business but only if they understand their customers, how to connect with them and how to leverage those relationships properly.

In the mean time what is your personal development plan?

What are you reading and listening to right now to sharpen your relationship creation skills so that you connect with people not only off line but on line as well?

Depending on your answer it will either promote you or expose you and determine whether or not people will buy from you.

You can create cash with social media but only if you can create true relationships 1st.

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