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If You’ve Ever Felt Stuck For Content Ideas, Use This 2-Step Process And You’ll Have a Never-Ending Supply Of Content Ideas In No Time.

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I was having a conversation with a client a few days ago who was really struggling with creating some content for her coaching biz…

“Tony, I sat down at my computer 4 separate times today and every single time I had no idea what to create…I just couldn’t find my inspiration.So I meditated…nothing.

I went for a walk on the beach feel inspired…nothing.

I even prayed about it…and STILL nothing!”


The old “inspiration” trap…

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of feeling stuck or blocked when it comes to creating content I feel you.

I used to fall into this trap too.
Thinking that my content had to be some epic epiphany that came FROM me instead of THROUGH me
As a coach, creating content that feels congruent with who you are and what you do AS WELL as resonates with your audience, can feel like a big ol’ fat complicated mess.
[Especially when you create loads of content but it never generates you any interest or sales.]

If this has ever felt like a problem for you…..then check this out.

Whether it’s an email for your list, a Facebook status update, a video, a Podcast or a blog post…at its core there’s just two things I always focus on…
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