The $25,000 Case Study…If Only I Had Done This Sooner

That’s what one of my clients said to me in a recent video case study. In this video she describes what life was like before coaching and what life is like after it…and it’s VERY different. From struggling to sell access to a $29.00 a month membership site to doing $25,000.00 in sales in January alone. The […]

The Scary Truth Behind Marketing For Coaches, Experts & Niche Bloggers

If you’ve ever struggled with or been at odds with marketing then you’ll love this video. Here’s what marketing for coaches really is and what it can do to increase your sales and results. Mp3 Download: Marketing For Coaches [right click and save as to your computer] The #1 Goal Of Marketing Is… Your goal […]

The Best Way To Inspire Prospects And Attract High Paying Clients Without Being Seen As Pushy

If you want to inspire prospects and attract more high paying clients, never use these two words again. Mp3 Download:  Attract High Paying Clients [right click and save as to your computer] Expecting The Best From Clients Hi, this is Tony Teegarden with, helping you turn your problems into profits. Today I want to share with you […]

How To Be A Natural In Your Video Marketing [For Coaches & Experts]

Do you struggle with speaking on camera? These video marketing for coaches tips will help. Mp3 Download:  Video Marketing For Coaches [right click and save as to your computer] Before You Start Video Marketing Do This First The foundation of what your value will be built on that you are communicating out to your audience. And the number one thing […]

This One Premium Pricing Strategy Will Attract You Higher Quality Clients Today

Don’t have a premium pricing strategy? Watch this video to find out why and the new strategy you can implement today. Mp3 Download:  Your Premium Pricing Strategy [right click and save as to your computer] Watch the Thud Factor Video here. What Your Value Isn’t Based On Is… Hi, this is Tony Teegarden with, helping you to […]