Russ Ruffino: 7 Figure Coaching Systems Masterclass Episode: 0059

russ ruffino - clients on demand

Behind The Scenes Of A 7-Figure Coaching Business

At the risk of sounding “hypish,” my guest and I today want you to walk away with the exact steps to turning your expertise into a 7 figure coaching business.

Russ Ruffino has been featured in the likes of Inc. Magazine & The Huffington Post.

He is the Founder of Clients On Demand where their motto is: The right clients, at the right price, anytime you want.
Using his “problem first approach” philosophy he teaches the exact same 7 figure system to his clients that took Clients on Demand from $120k per year to $2.4 million.
Today his average client successfully raises their prices by 4000% in just 4 weeks, and brings in new leads every day. And at the same time they earn back up to $20 for every $1 they spend in advertising. And that’s all without blogging, youtube videos, or any traditional content marketing.
What we’ll cover in this Episode:

Russ Ruffino Masterclass

1) The Foundation:

  • Problem & Outcome

2) The Sales System:

  • ads
  • Webinar
  • phone call
  • convert

3) Scaling & Team Problems:

  • Not delegating
  • Delegating too soon – do it yourself first
  • Then figure out what don’t you want to do after that
  • ONLY turn it over to A players

Front End: solving a problem.

Back End: Increase the quality & build on the foundation

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