Katerina Satori: Being An Evolutionary Leader Masterclass TPIP:0057

katerina satori evolutionary leadership

Discover The 5 core aspects of an evolutionary leader so you can deeply value & integrate what you have survived in life as powerful lessons and translate your skills and talents into your legacy.

If you want to integrate the concept of leadership on a deep soul level, this episode is for you.
My guest today is a retreat leader, an international best-selling author, business coach, and the founder & creator of Catalyst Academy.
She works with high-level entrepreneurs & experts to connect with their true spiritual gifts, unlock their genius, and bring that genius to the world clearly and concisely.
She does this through helping them value & integrate what they have survived in life as powerful lessons, and turn those lessons, skills, and talents into their legacy.
In this Masterclass Episode you’ll walk away with:
  • 5 Core Aspects Of an Evolutionary Leader
  • How to see the spark in others ignite the spark of possibility
  • The simplest way to receive on a deeper level from life, community, clients & relationships
  • 3 ways to lead and make sales: two of which DO get results but deeply damage your legacy
  • The #1 thing you can do to instantly relate to another human being
  • How to use epiphanies to grow faster and more efficiently as an evolutionary leader
  • How to use your Planetary Mission to extract your highest self from your core
  • A 4 sentence vision exercise that elicits your highest calling as an evolutionary leader
  • And much more…


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