GULLIVER GILES – Slaying Sales Objections With Love TPIP: 0012

Gulliver Giles

Gulliver Giles has a track record second to none when it comes to generating sales and teaching sales. Gulliver has worked with and consulted with Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss & Digital Marketer.

Gullivers expertise is teaching, systemizing and streamlining sales processes for maximum returns. His mission is to re-educate the world about sales and salespeople – his firm belief is that, despite its reputation, sales is NOT evil, and that real salespeople sell from a place of love, not manipulation.

This Episode is Rated “R” for Language…nothing candy-coated here today.

In this Episode, you’re going to overhear Gulliver reveal insights into:

  •  The 3 Types of people when it comes to sales
  • Why he almost lost everything when he started in sales
  • “We’re called sales people, not close people.”
  • Why he created the “Sales Warlord” persona (and why he doesn’t need it today)
  • The Blade of Fear and The Blade Of Love – and how they shrink or grow your sales
  • Why there is no such thing as an objection
  • The 5 major perceived objections you’ll hear
  • How to never take objections personally
  • And those are just in the first half of the show…the second half reveals even more


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