Business Intelligence: 6 Steps To Growing Your Online Business From The Inside Out

Business IntelligenceAt the end of this article I’ll share with you how you can profit from my business losses but first ask yourself this question:

“If I were to start a business, why would it exist?

If you do have one already ask yourself, “Why does my business currently exist?

When I ask my clients this question, I tend to get the deer in the headlights look over the phone. The line goes completely silent or they attempt to answer it out of fear of looking incompetent but it doesn’t quite come out right.

If you haven’t asked yourself this question don’t feel bad at all. Many business owners, coaches or entrepreneurs haven’t. However it’s the first place I’d suggest to you to start.

Why you ask? Because people are passionate about causes and have strong feelings around them. Martin Luther King knew this. So does Apple, Disney and Harley Davidson, and look what they’ve all created.

Do you want a legion of passionate devoted fans just like Harley Davidson does? Or do you want a trickle of a few people here and there that just like your product or service?

How To Know You’re Off Track Growing Your Business

I can tell when a business hasn’t asked themselves this question or haven’t applied it correctly because of the lack of branding which is exposed by the poor marketing message they’re pushing out. The message is usually full of what I call tell tell tell marketing.

They yell into the market what their audience is going to get when they do business with them: “Here’s all the features I offer or hours of my time you’re going to receive or here’s the 30 widgets I’ll ship you when you do business with me! You’ll love it”

It’s also what I call spray and pray marketing and it can be exhausting. Not to mention not very profitable. It’s a big reason so many people online and offline fail.

What creates a profitable online business are these 6 steps:

  1. Business Intelligence
  2. A Digital Strategy Around Solving a Problem
  3. Asset Creation (List Building)
  4. Effective Communication to Your Ideal Market
  5. Quality Website Traffic
  6. Creating Lucrative Products that People Want To Buy
The key here is that without Step 1, the other steps can’t be affective and running a business will cost you in lost revenue, reputation, years of lost time and worse, going OUT of business and losing face.

Business Intelligence Is The Solution

Business Intelligence is where I start with every new client project I decide to take on because it’s truly the foundation of everything that makes their business successful. By removing the inner road blocks and gaining clarity around cause, purpose and what problems you’re solving and for who, your business can truly thrive.

Business intelligence is based on:

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Step 1. Your Mental Capital – What comprises the value that you bring to the table. You need to be able to break this down into chunks so you’re able to better define it and communicate it through your businesses mission, it’s products and services

Step 2. Your Core Values – Core Values are not only the drivers of your behavior but they also demonstrate what you believe most. Discover what you value most in business so you can more effectively express it.

Step 3. Your Natural Mental Talents -Your natural mental talents if gone undefined are one of the biggest reasons many solo entrepreneurs never really grow their business. They cling to the philosophy, “If it’s going to be it’s up to me.” Know your natural mental talents and where you’re most effective.

Step 4. Your Customer Avatar – How well do you REALLY know your ideal prospect? Do you know what they perceive as their biggest problem? Do you know what they desire and what they fear the most? Do you know what keeps them up at night or the emotional benefits they’re really seeking? If you don’t know what motivates your prospects to buy, you can’t create effective marketing that compels them to take action.

Step 5. Competition Analysis– Find out what’s working and what’s not working by looking at your current competition. You can save a ton of time, energy and money by using the right tools to discover valuable data such as pricing, keywords, current market solutions and traffic sources. You’ll learn what to do and not to do based on what’s currently working.

Step 6. Your Branding –  Your brand is everything you stand for and what you represent to your ideal prospects and customers at first glance. Does your brand demonstrate the solution they’re looking for? You absolutely need to have this dialed in or you risk repelling the very audience you want to attract.


When you really dig into these 6 areas they result in a goldmine of confidence, clarity and the ability to be extremely effective to your ideal clients. When applied, these steps will assist you in standing out among all the tell tell tell marketing.

How You Can Learn From My Losses

Over the past few years, I’ve transitioned from personal coaching to website freelancing, to now business coaching and high end consulting.

Today I combine all of these talents and I provide a unique done for you service where instead of you guessing and stumbling through the process of taking your expertise online, I do it for you. I remove all of the guess work and create a clear path to successfully reaching your audience. This all starts with business intelligence.

You need to run your coaching, consulting and small business intelligently and you need to be extremely clear on why you do what you do so that your website demonstrates clearly the value you provide to your ideal prospects and clients.

It’s taken me years of getting it wrong to get it right so you get to profit from my losses.

Why My Business Exists

So why does my business exist?

Because I believe this world needs more successful freedom seekers, leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving big problems in the world. My natural mental talents and gifts support people just like you, to fully express and demonstrate your value online through your website and web presence.

My business exists so I can work with highly intelligent, deeply driven and fiercely ambitious people to find more meaning in their business and help them to solve more problems efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Why does your business exist? Is this a question you’re able to answer with clarity? This is a powerful question that we all need to be able to answer and if you can’t do it in a way that’s clear, purposeful and meaningful to your clients you’re going backwards, not forwards.

Part of my purpose is to take you by the hand and literally coach the clarity out of you on why your business exists, what problems you are solving and for who, and how to most effectively utilize your talents to do it.  We then apply all of this to create your brand, a website and an online social presence that effectively demonstrates all of this for your ideal client.

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Here’s to wishing you success and to prosper.



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