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Tim Brownson - Coach The Life Coach

Tim Brownson is a Internationally published author, a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified hypnotherapist. He’s the founder of Coach The Life Coach where he certifies & trains new life coaches.

He also runs the A Daring Adventure Blog for his personal coaching clients where he has a tendency to use a loot of humor and not a little profanity to make a point.

In Episode 21 we’re going to cover:

  • The similarities between coaching and sales.
  • The lifestyle that’s available to you by understanding what true value really is.
  • Why just wanting to help people is a bad reason NOT to charge higher prices.
  • Why perfectionism as a coach is a huge biggest enemy.
  • Why having a team is important to the growth of your business.
  • And much more!

[ctt title=”We have a responsibility and a duty of care to help people understand the value we provide. ” tweet=”We have a responsibility & a duty of care to help people understand the value we provide. – @timbrownson” coverup=”H2URv”]

If you’re a coach or expert and you’ve been challenged by sales and lifestyle you’ll love this episode.


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