Local Internet Marketing Mastermind Fun

Local Internet Marketing Mastermind Insight

This is just a quick fun video I put together of the Local Internet Marketing group that got together this past Tuesday Night.

You already got to see some insights from Chris Blackerby yesterday about the Best Kept Secret of Making Money Online. I really hope you watched the video because there is some seriously good marketing/people behavior insights to be learned from it.

This past mastermind was probably one of the biggest “lessons” for me actually. It was in tune with exactly where I’m at in my businesses growth right now. Internet marketing issues can be challenging but are always best overcome by the power of a group.

I’ll be sharing more info over the next few days from the group so don’t be surprised if you see more local internet marketing lessons and social media insights coming. Obviously it’s all tied into personal development & spiritual growth.

Till then have a great weekend and let me know what you’re reading right now. I’m devouring some Dan Kennedy books, Yes by Robert Cialdini & Tactical Transparency which is on social media. Not to mention Seth Godin’s Dip which has popped into my life at just the right time. 😉

Oh and by the way I can tell you I know I’m leaning in some different directions with this blog right now but I’ve always had the intentions to do so. I’ve just found the right medium to take it in with you.

Personal development and cultivating relationships will always be the foundation of what I’m about. I’m just leaning in the marketing, cash creation and social media realms these days. Which guess what? They all require a solid foundation in relationships with people!

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