What Will A Kind Word Do These Days

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What Will A Kind Word Do These Days

Funny how the universe works out like it does.

My friend Wendy G Young (@wendygyoung on Twitter) posted a quote on Twitter that really hit home the other day:

The kindly word that falls today may bear its fruit tomorrow.”-unknown”

Boy does that ring true as I’m sitting in the I Can Do It Conference 2009 in Tampa. What is I Can Do It? It’s one of the largest Personal Development conferences in the country. Probably around 5000 people in attendance put on by Hay House publishers. Speakers like:

  • Wayne Dyer-Best Selling Author
  • Brian Weiss -Many Lives, Many Masters Author
  • Robert Ohotto-Self-Esteem from Your Soul Author
  • John Holland-The Spirit Whisperer Author
  • Louise Hay-Best Selling Author

And way too many more to list..

So what’s so surprising about me being at this event? I wasn’t planning on coming. At all. A friend was telling me about the event a few weeks ago and wishing she could attend. The Idea of seeing Wayne Dyer speak was interesting to me and something I always wanted to experience however I let it pass through me and forgot about it.

The Kind Word

So I’m doing some work from home and managed to catch a glimpse of Dani of @ladanivita on Twitter mentioning she was on her way to Tampa the next morning Very Early. So what was my first reaction?

To welcome her to Tampa of course! (A Day early even lol)

I then afterwords reviewed her profile to see how I had just connected with and noticed she was a program specialist for a Personal Development company.

Way cool! One of my biggest interest! So I direct message her and ask her what company?

She says Hay House, we’re putting on a conference there in Tampa, would you like to come? Of course my first reaction was I have to think this over…NOT.

Of course I’d like to come,” I report back in a split second of receiving it.

I had no intentions of going even though in my heart I had longed to connect at an event like this in the past.

Longing, desire and an unseen energy.

What You Do Today Will Determine Your Tomorrow

Unseen energy that does exist can be argued here extensively I’m sure.

Even though I took no direct action to attend this event, there was an unseen energy that guided my outcome.

  • Fate?
  • Accident?
  • Silliness?

I’m not sure but I do know that I’m quite thrilled I reached out with a kind word and it happened the way it did.

What you do today can have an indirect and perfect impact on your life tomorrow.

Even if that impact tomorrow isn’t exactly what you would perceive as a positive event. How many times have you thought a specific event was the end of the world? Only to look back on it years later only to be grateful that something happened?

My point exactly.

So don’t hold back. Be the change you desire in the world and reach out with a kind word or gesture to someone today. Worst case scenario you’ll make someones day and feel good about it tomorrow.

That alone is just cool. 🙂

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