Making Choices And The One Reason You Matter

You MatterWhy Your Choices and You Matter

  • Do you really realize how much you matter in this world?
  • Are you aware of the peoples lives you have yet to touch?
  • Does it feel like sometimes you’re in your own way?

Looking back today I realize my life, so far, has been made up of a series of choices leading up to those questions.

I’ve noticed I’ve been out of alignment most when I made choices that deep down I knew were for the wrong reasons, however I did them anyway. My friend and master life coach, Jana Fleming calls this living out of integrity.

This happened because I didn’t consider the long term effects of my immediate choices, whether it was a big choice, like my choice of spouse and career or the little day to day choices that add up over time like what I ate that afternoon. (Hot pockets just aren’t a good idea, ugh)

I just didn’t seem to be able to calculate the affects my immediate choices were going to have on the long term outcomes in my life. There’s lots of cognitive research around why this is and it’s all pretty logical stuff. I now realize I used logic to rationalize emotional behavior. Deep stuff.

You Matter To Me

Today, again as I look back on the struggles I went through after those choices, I feel as if those choices were trying to correct themselves through later lessons in my life.

When I’m out of alignment because of my choices, the universe seeks to remind me of it. Am I conscious to those requests, is the question I continually ask myself today and will I remain forgiving and nurturing to myself when I’m not? Well of course I will and I suggest you do to because it’s bound to find ourselves in that spot again.

I choose to believe there’s always a higher order that I don’t see but is trying to remind me through perceived struggles to live my truth.

“Enlightenment generally shows up gift wrapped in a problem.”

Maybe that’s just the ride we signed on for when we came here 🙂

So after making some really crazy choices and creating enough chaos in your life, you begin to doubt yourself, your self worth and maybe even the fact that you are capable of making a difference. Here’s a thought…

“I’m pretty sure everyone doubts themselves at some point. You just gotta figure those who went on to do it anyway chose to find a better reason. Like to serve others than serve their own doubts.”

I’m pretty damn sure you matter and what you do with that knowledge starting today is crucial.

Which leads to the video below. Discover the one biggest reason why we all matter and how you can shift to choosing to make a difference with one little action. Be sure to leave you comments below, because of course you matter and so does your feedback. 😉

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