The (My) Guide To Declaring Your Entrepreneurial Worth To The World

Why Declare Your Entrepreneurial Worth?

I realize this post around declaring your entrepreneurial worth won’t be for everybody, but it is for somebody. I’m not sure who yet, but the right eyes will find it…

…I say declare your entrepreneurial worth because you know if you have unique gifts and talents to lay upon the world. If you didn’t, there would be no reason for you to be here. There are people who desperately need what you have inside of you and deep down inside you feel it.

But even that’s not deep enough to convey my point.

What is it costing you by not declaring your entrepreneurial worth?

It’s costing you not just a comfortable lifestyle and income, that’s the obvious part.

Even more importantly it’s costing you satisfaction, fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment in your work. If you want to know why so many people wake up dreading what they do for a living, it’s because they are missing these core elements to their work where they don’t feel they’re on purpose.

When someone else has a bigger vision for your life than you do, you may be leaving some of this stuff on the table.

You may find you’re playing smaller than you really want to.

Declaring Your Worth Matters

Your contribution does matter, no matter how small of an impact you may think it makes.

You may not be considering how far and wide your influence can spread.

There is something called the butterfly effect.

It’s the idea that the wings of a butterfly can cause a huge storm on the other side of the world.

You, my friend, may think you’re just a butterfly in this world,  but your impact can be felt from farther than just the wind from your wings.

I myself almost kept those tiny wings of mine to myself, but I’m thankful I didn’t.

Let me give you an example of tiny wings causing a big storm.

Late last year I worked with Matt Geib via phone coaching and aside from other awesomeness he discovered around himself, helped him discover a long lost dream around starting a missionary training facility. It supports and trains missionaries on what to expect when they visit 3rd world countries. Matt’s been on hundreds of missions trips and can provide a huge amount of guidance.

At the time we talked about it, he needed to raise money for his missions foundation and so far today he’s raised over $20,000 dollars from outside sources.

Just think for a moment: I have no formal coaching accreditation (And I told Matt this before we started) I just have a certain passion around supporting people and a certain amount of core competency in helping them ask themselves the right kinds of questions.

Because I declared my worth to the world and stood in my light, who knows how far just that one act could reach through Matt’s missions training.

Because of Matt’s mission training, someone will get trained on how to be more effective on their missions trip.

Just think, a boy or girl in a 3rd world country will have the chance to wake up to a warm breakfast, clothes on their back and even to get a better education and go on to make an impact on their world because I was able to get out of my own way.

Knowing there’s a possibility that you can have this kind of impact, why would you keep your gifts to yourself?

I could have said, “Who am I to think I could help coach anyone? My life is in complete chaos it seems sometimes!”

Have you ever said something similar to yourself? I sure as shit have.

Thank goodness I did it anyway.

Consider this quote for a moment:

“We create the lives we feel we deserve, and in return declare our worth to the world.”

Ask yourself, “Is the life I currently lead a true declaration of my worth, or is my life currently a mirage because I’m afraid of being vulnerable and ultimately embarrassed?”

Only you know the answer to that question and only you have to deal with the consequences of the answer.

What Is Declaring Your Worth About?

Declaring your worth in the context of this post is about beginning the entrepreneurial journey no matter where you are right now.

It’s about saying to yourself, “Damnit, I’m ready.”

In my humble opinion declaring your worth is  just as much about letting go of your old beliefs around how you see yourself as it is finding a mission you’re passionate about that can serve people around you.

It’s called getting out of your own way. This is probably one of the biggest road blocks I’ve had to face on the way of making any kind of impact.

I had just about every bullshit reason I can think of popping up in my head telling me I wasn’t ready yet. I needed training first. I needed this, I needed that.

Blah blah blah.

Truth is, I didn’t need anything else to get moving, I just had to let go of old beliefs so that I could see myself differently.

Declaring your entrepreneurial worth to the world is about seeing yourself as someone who is worthy of taking responsibility over yourself and the task around your mission.

It’s about seeing yourself as enough already. Enough to the point that you can get started today and collect the tools & training along the way if needed in order to build up your core competencies and become more effective at what you do.

Or it’s just as much about discovering what you’re not good at and seeking out partnerships or relationships that can help support you and your mission.

When you declare your worth and get started, you will discover resources where you hadn’t seen them before. Sure, they were probably already there, but you just didn’t see them yet.  You weren’t ready to.

How To Declare Your Worth

You declare your worth by the act of expression.

It’s not enough to say, “This is what I’m about.”

You have to do what you’re about.

Here’s one way that it looks like:

  1. You begin by taking inventory of your own strengths, gifts & talents
  2. Identify the positive impact those talents can have on the right audience
  3. Discover who has already perfected the same talents and model them
  4. Remove any internal beliefs that stand in your way of expressing your worth
  5. Discover an audience that is already looking for (and buying products or services) to obtain those results
  6. Map out how you will match your gifts to their desired results (Marketing)

Now these 6 steps are obviously a high level view of what needs to occur.

The first 4 steps are most critical because without them steps 5 and 6 won’t matter much. They’re an end without a means in this case.

If you want to handle  these first 4 steps you can gain access to the Deep Self Confidence System and begin to discover your strengths & talents in such a way that you really begin to believe your value is needed in the world. You’ll begin to get out of your own way and start to take action because you see yourself as worthy of such a thing.

Someone is waiting for you and they don’t even know it.

Be a blessing to them by being the gift in their life right now. That’s why it’s called the present.

What Do You Do Next?

The next step is to opt in for the Deep Self Confidence System so that you can tackle these first 4 steps.

(Update: the DSCS free course is no longer available as I’m working on revising it as a paid product. For everyone who provided me feedback on it, I appreciate it!. In the meantime be sure to opt in for the Self Discovery Starter Kit and receive your two free ebooks + Worksheets)

Share your comments or questions below and let us know how you’re currently declaring your entrepreneurial worth to the world or if this post grabbed your attention and why.

Also please share this on Facebook, Twitter or just email it to a friend you care about.

The world needs you and I to declare our entrepreneurial worth. Let’s do it.

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