This One Premium Pricing Strategy Will Attract You Higher Quality Clients Today

Don’t have a premium pricing strategy? Watch this video to find out why and the new strategy you can implement today.


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Watch the Thud Factor Video here.

What Your Value Isn’t Based On Is…

premium-pricing-strategyHi, this is Tony Teegarden with, helping you to solve your problems and turn them into profits.

So in a previous video I had actually talked about the concept of the Thud Factor and how far too many people have relied on how much stuff they give to determine the value that is going to be perceived when people invest in it.

This is a concept that is way old. It is getting dead, and people just simply aren’t interested in more stuff.

In that video, if you missed it by the way, you can go ahead and click on a link below that I have for you that will take you to it. But in the meantime if you want to know how to eliminate the Thud Factor and not rely on it for the value that you offer to your market, here’s the answer.

Your Premium Pricing Strategy Is Founded On This One Simple Concept

The answer is learning to communicate what’s important to your prospects, not what’s important to you.

So another way of mentioning it is to stop offering what it is that you do and start offering to people what it is that they’re missing in their lives, because quite frankly that’s really all that they care about.

So if you can begin to communicate and translate the value of them investing highly in themselves through you in the outcomes that they want, well then all of a sudden your world takes off. You make much more articulate offers to your audience, and they begin to purchase at a premium. This is what’s so important.

The Trap Coaches and Experts Fall Into Instead

In many cases, I find a lot of people that come to me end up saying, “Tony, I’m an expert at what I do. I talk about what I do, and I tell them exactly what they need to do.”

The challenge is that they don’t really care about what it is that they need to do. They care about what it is they’re missing, and can you help them to fulfill that in their lives.

Here’s Where To Focus Next For Big Results

So it’s not a matter of working on your expertise. If you’re already a coach, an expert, or a service provider in your area, chances are you’re highly proficient at what you do.

What you may not be proficient at is communicating what it is that your prospects are missing in their lives and the fact that your services can serve them and help them in achieving those outcomes.

So with that, this is Tony Teegarden. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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