Tampa Tweetup And Small Business Blogging Project

Local Tampa Bay Tweet Up

If you’re not familiar with Local Tweet Ups you’re missing out on a lot of fun and networking opportunities in your local market!

The video above I put together super quick but I wanted to highlight to you some of the fun that’s had at these events.

But more on that in just a second.

Tony Teegarden’s Project

Where have I been lately?

I’ve been hard at work and focused on a pretty cool project for local businesses in my area. It’s got a lot to do with small business blogging and social media.

I’ll have it out and about by June 22nd or the 29th. The exact date isn’t nailed down yet but it’s a project that I’m only accepting 20 small business owners on. I have plans to open it to more people later and even through out the country, but right now I’m only working with local businesses.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

It’s pretty sweet though because I already have people chomping at the bit to get into the program and It’s not even completed!

So that’s why you haven’t heard from me via the blog lately. I’ve been hard at work !

The Next Big Tampa Tweetup

However I will be taking a break on May 23rd for “The Most Dangerous Tweet!” It’s the next Tampa Tweetup and if you want to have a seriously great time and network with other cool people in the Tampa Bay Area get registered at the TampaBloggers Meetup today!

You won’t believe the location where it’s held but I can tell you that you may want to wear a wet suit to the party! (Did I just give it away?)

Networking in your local area with other successful business owners, internet marketers and people who are just looking to expand their networks is something I’ve been promoting on this blog for a while via mastermind groups.

People who expand their networks also expand their net worth. These events are a lot like social media. Show up to these events, provide value and see how you can help other people first. You’ll be amazed at how well the world of social media and business add to your bottom line!

If you’re not already follow me on twitter @ateegarden

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