This Is Your Brain On Food (Something Everyone Should Know)

mental performanceThe Price of Success That Is Too Costly to Bear

Let me ask you a question. Does making $1 Million a year or even 100k a year mean anything if the rest of your life, such as your health and your relationships, completely suck?

“Hey! I’ve got ALOT of money, but no one around me to enjoy it with while I lay here in a hospital bed!” 

Sounds pretty sad right?

Well literally, I see tons of people heading down this path on a weekly basis. I see people chasing the money at the expense of everything else, including their health. I see it pretty plainly because I’ve done the very same thing in the past.

The fact is, optimal health can be a big contributor to your businesses bottom line. The good news is you can literally improve the quality of your life in 15 minutes or less just by what you put in your mouth.

There comes a time when you realize there are some things in life that are more important than others. Sometimes you just may not realize it until your very core is shaken by something such as a drastic decline in your own health or someone close to you passes away unexpectedly. (Let’s not wait for either of these shall we?)

Generally when one of these 2 things happen is when you become emotionally invested in the outcome.

Becoming emotionally invested in an outcome, along with the actual emotions you associate to the outcome, can make the difference between you implementing positive or negative behavior patterns associated with your health. Not only can this positively shape your outcomes around your quality of health but it also can affect your relationships and your finances in a positive way too.

Your health, at the cost of building business, is a dangerous exchange in my opinion. Which is why I want to share with you how much of a positive or negative impact you can have on your life by what you choose to put in your mouth.

These days before I open that trap door to my tummy, I have some emotions attached to what I drop down in it and this has made a big impact on how I physically feel as well as emotionally.

A Driving Force For Success 

It’s true that one of the most powerful driving forces for us crazy ass human beings is when we want to get away from something. When we associate enough pain around it, we simply want to get the hell away from it. For some reason many people are hardwired really well for knowing what they don’t want in life.

But what if you were able to discover a driving force that moved you consistently towards your goals in your life, strategically, specifically and just as powerfully? 

I want to share with you how you have the power to shape the quality of your life by simply what you put in your mouth. Even if those effects seem indirectly related.

  1. It’s something you can control (provided you have associated enough emotion behind it)
  2. It’s something you can measure
  3. It’s something you can see and feel near immediate results with
  4. It’ something that impacts the quality of your living experience
  5. The principles you successfully apply to your diet, you can apply to other areas of your life to improve their quality too
  6. Once you have mastered the habit of what you fuel yourself with, the disciplines & behaviors required can flow over into the other areas of your life

I can simply tell you that you can have more energy, more vitality, better sex and over all improved health but if you don’t associate any emotion to those experiences, the Burger King drive through is in your immediate future. Simply because you will associate more feelings around the pleasure of sinking your teeth into that tasty burger than negative feelings around a big fat heart attack.

On the other side of that coin though if you can associate enough emotional pain (negative outcomes) to eating that burger coupled with the positive emotions attached to the positive outcomes you want, your chances of succeeding double or even triple.

The food you eat is important because the right kind of foods provide you increased energy to invest in the other important area’s of your life.

I know this may sound very common sense like, but if it is, why are 63% of americans overweight right now and an enormous amount of people diabetics? Why are more people financially challenged more than ever? Why do 53% of all marriages end up in divorce?

I may be in fantasy land but I feel they are in some way linked to how we treat our bodies based on what we put in them. I’m not saying food will cure people of bad ethics & morals, but those of us attempting to be our best selves, feeding ourselves live water rich foods certainly clears alot of internal stuff up.

You may be aware cognitively and intellectually that the food you eat makes a huge impact on your energy, clarity and brain function but until something drastically goes wrong, you may not associate enough emotion with it to do anything about it. (Until it’s almost too late)

What Do You Associate Food To

Many people simply don’t associate any pain to eating that 1182’nd hamburger for lunch because nothing goes wrong right away when they eat it. We don’t FEEL the error in our judgement immediately and therefore we don’t have any emotions invested in it. Hence NO CHANGE in eating habits. (Diabetes is slowly and silently killing more people than ever)

The problem with this rationale is that even though the food may taste good, you’re actually conditioning yourself for failure not only physically but in the other area’s of life as well.

You’re running on less than optimal energy when you’re body is bogged down trying to process fake foods.

[Hack] Trying eating “clean water rich live food” for about two weeks and then at the end of that two weeks eat a “processed food” meal and notice how much your energy dips for the rest of the day. You’ll be amazed at how much less energy you have and just how much in a haze you’ve been living in, just based on eating processed food.

If someone tells me, they’re rich but their health sucks and they have no close or intimate relationships, I simply don’t consider them “rich”.

You can positively impact the other areas of your life like your work, your relationships, your sex life and even your faith, just simply by what you decide to put in your mouth on a consistent basis. What you feed yourself can start you off feeling like a success almost instantly. (And you can control that happening)

Food impacts your emotions, even if indirectly, which impacts your overall mental and physical performance. This does impact how you see yourself and how you filter your overall experiences in the world.

The food you eat has an impact how you show up in your personal and professional life, how you look, how you feel and how much you’re able to contribute to the different area’s of life such as your faith, family, and  finances. Honor your body and the rest can follow.

What Now?

So I’ve purposely left some holes in this post for some comments. I know there are lots of excuses out there why we can’t eat healthy.

  • No time to do it
  • Takes too much time to prepare
  • Too expensive
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I’ll focus on it when I’m financially stable
Of course there’s a response for each of these and more that I’ve creatively hacked out in my own personal life. I’m aware of all the excuses because I used them myself for a while 🙂

Is your fitness and health a priority or is it something that sits back somewhere between the Rice Crispies and the V8 juice?

How do you feel about this post? Do you feel your health can impact your business or do you think I’m off my rocker?

Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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