Making Space With What Is

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Personal Attachment

It seems a few people weren’t too happy with the title of the last post about money and unsubscribed from the email list.

A couple took the time to tell me why they unsubscribed.

I was even told I was “unnecessarily rude.”

Unnecessarily. Rude.

Maybe they missed the Unphucked Formula post or the 3 Reasons Not To Read My Blog Anymore.

Either way, normally in the past this would have kinda freaked me out. I would have felt insecure, wonder if I made a mistake or second guessed my actions. I would have had an attachment to whether the person liked me or not now or how can I make it right?

All of this stuff would have bubbled up, I would have disowned my message and I would have thought less of myself.

Did people commenting on why they unsubscribed make an impact on me? Of course, hence I’m writing about it. But it made a different kind of impact on me.

One that had me realize the shift I’ve gone through over the past 12 months and I got excited.

What About Yesterday

I’m not saying the past doesn’t hold valuable lessons. It does.

There’s a pessimist in all of us that watches out for us and I believe can be and is healthy. (*Read Learned Optimism) But when that pessimist gets a little too trigger happy with it’s pessimist pistol we have to holster it.

So yes, I stand in everything I think, say and do today and acknowledge the gifts and lessons from yesterday.

Maybe that means I won’t use the word masturbate in a blog post again, however I can’t guarantee that. 😉

Everything I write here has and does come from a very real place within me and I take full responsibility for it all. I don’t claim my messages to be for everyone, nor do I attempt to be everything to everybody. The messages are meant for whoever it is at that time. Many have found value, some have not.

Those that hold similar values, I mesh with. I just understand my values aren’t the same as those who unsubscribed.

It’s nearly impossible to evolve or transform when I hold too many attachments to what was, no matter what it may be. If I did, I’d stay stuck in my past story and constantly tell myself why I can’t do something, be something or create something that’s awesome. This has taken time, dedication and elimination of many old thoughts, behaviors and beliefs about myself.

I’ve worked diligently on replacing my thoughts, emotions and behaviors over the past few years with ones that do serve me in the now and it’s paying off in my outer world in ways I hadn’t dreamed.

That’s the work and it’s also the reward.

Making Space

Making space for what I do want in my life has required letting go of attachments to my old stories, to people and my expectations around them. I can’t control how people act or show up but I can control how I do.

“When all of your focus is on adding value to other peoples lives through your mission, you don’t leave any space for fear to extract value from yours.”

I’m focusing on something much bigger than just myself. Although I definitely am contributing to myself in very valuable. ways.

I make space for that new person who is evolving everyday through meditation, through healthy eating (I’m eating raw for the first time this entire week), and through physical exercise. I want to be at my best mentally, physically and emotionally in order to fully contribute my efforts to what’s most important to me.

Within that new space I discover qualities that before, I didn’t think were valuable. Today I realize just how important those qualities are and I see how they contribute to my mission.

If there is an action that’s required and I’m not crazy about doing it but I know it has to be done, I link the action to my mission so that it does get done. This way I don’t require outside motivation.

I realize what I don’t do today won’t happen tomorrow.

So I do it, dump it, delegate it or date it for when I will do it. This is what creates the space for you to focus on providing your gifts to the world.

What To Value

I value my truth and I value being able to share all of me here, not just the surface bubbly bullshit that is only part of me.

I’ve shared it all here, the good and the bad, in the interest of you acknowledging your best qualities. Qualities that inspire you to create something awesome and to work with what resources you do have right now.

I would urge that you don’t wait until everything is right to do what you love and don’t stop when not everything is.

No time seems to be the right time when you’re stuck in your own story of what was. Making space with what is currently is where you begin your work and discover the resources you do possess. You discover your highest values and begin developing your mission.

“Value what was, make space with what is and create what will be.” -kick ass this week

Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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