Your Potential Isn’t A Myth (Here Is Why)

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Our Potential

Definitions of Potential:

  • “The inherent capacity for coming into being”
  • “Capable of being but no yet in existence.”
  • “That has power; potent; than can, but has not yet, come into being; possible, unrealized; underdeveloped;”

We all have the potential to live lives we really desire.

Our potential can be impacted by a lot of things including how we are raised, the relationships we have or how we interpret events & people in our lives.

Do your best not to get sucked into this stuff too deep because…

The Myth Of Who You Are

Your roles in life don’t affect what you are, only who you are.

Let me explain:

Your identity is who you are, which is always a perfect 10.

We all were born perfect, including you, and by perfect I mean without judgment or prejudice to ourselves or the world around us.

We  were all born for success (Whatever that may look like) but somehow we got programmed through life that failure was a bad thing. What happens over time is we confuse our role as a student, a parent, a friend, a lover, a business owner, a trash man, a writer etc..with who we actually are.

Those roles are not who we are, they are only a role that our Identity can utilize so we’re able to fit in a box that our brain can understand. We also project these roles and what they should look like onto other people. Again, so our brains can make sense of it all.

So when you don’t find yourself doing well at something such as prospecting for a business, being the best friend you can be to someone or not as attentive a spouse as you can be, that doesn’t mean you are a failure and that your self esteem should suffer. It just means that particular role could use some refining.

We are perfect tens but a particular role may be at around a four. That means that particular role is able to improve and our self esteem won’t suffer. Imagine knowing as a person (your Identity) you are perfect and that your role as a better prospector can use work. Refreshing?

Example: if you’re identity doesn’t have to suffer, your selected role can afford to take risks that normally it wouldn’t take. Such as starting an online business, going into sales or trying out for Americas Got Talent. (Or something like that 😉 )

“I” can now look at every challenge as an opportunity where I’ll either get the result, or as an opportunity to improve that role, rather than a problem that “I” can’t handle.

The fact is even if your role as a prospector in sales doesn’t have the success you expected, your role as a prospector can improve without your identity suffering. Hence your self esteem remains intact. Your role as an entrepreneur doesn’t have to suffer when you make mistakes or a product doesn’t go so well.

You don’t have to feel depressed or down and say you’re a failure. YOU aren’t. Your role could just use refinement. Take classes, mentor from someone, or model someone. All of these become part of your solution mentality etc.

Or, here’s a biggie. See if this is a role that is even congruent with your hierarchy of values.

Your role is not who you are. So break away from any mental gravity that keeps you placed in fear or reality and dare to dream of what you can accomplish in life.

Love What You Are

Some people say your path to happiness begins when you become comfortable with who you are. It’s when you begin to love you for what you are rather than who you are that your journey can begin.” -Don Miguel Ruiz

Regardless of what some may believe, every post I make contributes to your business. However each lesson no matter how deep always leads me to the same place.

Let’s just say I make space everyday that allows me emotional freedom, creativity and a fresh place to start no matter what yesterday was like.

…I’m grateful these days for what I am more so than who I am. I feel we place too much judgment on ourselves based on the false memories we have created about ourselves throughout the years. We lose site of what we are, which is amazing energy and creators.

Let me put it this way.

  • We all write our own story
  • We all create the supporting characters in our story

So consider this:

  • The higher regard you have for yourself
  • The more in alignment you are with you highest of values
  • The more clear you are on your cause, purpose & vision
  • The more in alignment your actions are everyday with your vision
  • The more likely you are to achieve your vision

The lower self esteem you have the less likely you are to accomplish your vision because someone who has become more clear about their story will incorporate you into the role they write for you rather than the role you wanted for yourself.

Write a story that holds you in high regard. Then write/create systems and characters in place that support you.

Many people become unconscious victims because they don’t want to take the time or awareness, to write their own story. They’re only victims by our standards and our values though. They are only acting on what is most important to them. So don’t judge.

Much like journaling. Writing your story is either a consistent thing you do or an inconsistent thing you do. You’re either clear about your story and take action towards it every day or you aren’t clear and someone else puts you to work in their story. Thus they are taking the action.

Never the less you create your own story and create your own circumstances.

As Don Miguel Ruiz states in The Voice of Knowledge:

As a child we have an awareness of living life in the now and living authentically. However somewhere along the way we are written in our parents story and with out a choice we begin to live a life based on their beliefs and incomplete truths. Now, as we are adults we have the opportunity to start over and live in a life of awareness and become grateful for what we are rather than live a life based on who we think we are, which ultimately is flawed.

You are not who you think you are. Because of that you have an opportunity to start over today because based on what you are which is you are ultimately an amazing creation capable of writing the most fantastic story ever. As long as we can get out of our own way 😉

Who are your main characters and supporting staff in this amazing story?

If you are clear on the story you want then you’ll create and associate with the right characters, so take the time to that Ok?

Today is the day that you start over with an amazing awareness that leads you to create a story that most people will think is luck.

It isn’t luck, it’s sustained conscious action that you can decide to take today.

Your potential is unlimited because the story you decide to write has no boundaries when you choose.

*Note this was written nearly 4 years ago.

What’s your opinion?

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