3 Unique Tools To Exponentially Grow Your Coaching Business TPIP: 0014

grow your coaching business

The marketing side of your coaching business can be frustrating and at times overwhelming if it’s not your expertise, but it’s possible to manage & grow the business side of your coaching business with more ease and flow.

In Episode 14 I’ll share with you 3 unique “tools” I’ve used to exponentially grow my coaching & mentoring business to 6 Figures.

There are certainly lots of technical tools I could talk about that I run my online coaching business with but there are Three internal tools I’d never be without…
….these 3 tools or otherwise known as skills, have brought a uniqueness to my brand and service delivery that are priceless to me and clients.
#1 Emotional Intelligence…RESPONDING to situations, opinions, and people rather than REACTING to them is one such skill.

Imagine if you could pause and not only listen to what someone said, but actually hear what they’re saying.

I can tell you that one skill can impact your ability to make more sales alone. Or have your spouse feel heard and feel you get them, bringing you closer to together.

When someone is angry or in resistance I’ve discovered it’s because they feel their model of the world is in jeopardy and everything they knew could be wrong.

That invites uncertainty and anywhere there is uncertainty fear breeds. That can be scary as shit to someone.

#2 Values Work and understanding not only your hierarchy of values but also understanding and communicating to other people in a way that THEIR values are met.

Values determine how you see the world and act upon the world. They act as a filter.

No two people see the world in the same way and that alone is a powerful concept to understand…

…in conjunction with practicing emotional intelligence, you can pause and ask better questions that relate to the other individuals hierarchy of values.

  1. How do they see the world?
  2. How are they demonstrating their values in the world?
  3. How can I speak to this person in a way that is important to them and not just me?

#3 Managing One’s Expectations can be a powerful temperament tool.

Asking quality questions of one’s self is crucial for progress & fulfillment.

Questions such as:

  • Is there something new to learn here?
  • What am I gaining from wanting to be right?
  • What am I possibly missing out on by trying to be right?
  • What am I gaining by trying to make this other person wrong?
  • How can I see this situation differently where I don’t make me or the other person wrong?
Lots of times managing one’s perceptions is a sign of emotional intelligence and understanding not only their own hierarchy of values but taking the time to understanding someone else’s.
Just these three tools alone can impact the quality of:
  • Your personal and professional relationships – You can spend more quality time and create quality experiences.
  • Your finances – you create more cash flow (while being mindful of how to steward your money)
  • your health – you eat better quality foods & high quality health practices like massage, retreats etc…
  • – and your connection to god/spirit/universe etc. – You can contribute greater funds to your choosing
This gives you a new perspective around how small tools, like I’ve mentioned above, can swing open big doors for coaches & experts in their lives both personally and professionally.

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