5 Simple Steps To A “Premium Priced” Online Group Coaching Program

online group coaching program

If you’re doing 1 to 1 coaching then you realize that scaling a 1 to 1 practice can provide it’s own set of challenging circumstances.

Time vs. Money being the big one. Right?

There are only so many hours in the day to service clients and only so many hours in the day to market and network for new ones.

One answer to this has always been group coaching but…

Not all “group coaching programs” are made of the same parts or delivered with the same intent. And this determines the amount you can charge and how much work that will be required.

There are lots of different kinds of group coaching programs concepts and all of them have benefits and drawbacks. The technology has been as important in my experience as the intent and the caliber of which you choose to run it.

I can use Skype, free conference lines, membership sites, Facebook Groups or any number of tools but no matter the platform it’s the intent behind it that’s more important.

For example:

Low Ticket Group Coaching can be $199 a month per person. Multiply that by 10 people and you get $2000 per month in sales. Not too shabby. It’s easy to deliver.

Perhaps through email, a forum, or even just access to a Facebook group and live conference calls. You deliver content. Your prospects ask for feedback. And that’s it. But the model does rely on having a large amount of traffic, a lot of conversions, and a ton of customers.


Premium Priced Group Coaching can be $2k to $5k Per Person multiplied by 10 people per class. That gives you $20k to $50k in sales per class. So you’re delivering an hour of laser targeted training content per week and an hour or two live Q&A call per week for 6 to 8 weeks.

Neither of these models are wrong.

But you can see why I focus on only delivering high-value premium priced programs. I have less stress with clients who seem far more committed. I’m not as focused on the number of clients I need, and instead can serve them at a high-quality level.

I’m not as focused on the number of clients I need, and instead can serve them at a high-quality level.

The people I work with enjoy all the benefits of fewer clients, a higher fees model and easier delivery of their premium group coaching programs.

One of the biggest questions I get is, “That’s great Tony but…I just don’t think I can charge that kind of money for my work. I mean what I do is valuable but I just can’t see it.”

And it’s ok. I hear this more than you might think. I’m going to address this one since it seems to stop so many people before they start.

If you want to run a premium online group coaching program you can run with ease, there are 5 steps to getting it up and running without costing yourself costly mistakes

So with that let’s help you by showing how higher fees are a win/win for both you and your clients.

Step 1: Higher Coaching Fees Is A Win/Win

coaching fees

Many coaches are afraid to charge higher fees because it may intimidate their prospects and therefore they lose sales.

When the truth is the more someone invests, the more they’re demonstrating their commitment to the outcome. They realize the size of their problem and the consequences of not getting it solved.

Pricing isn’t about how much “stuff” or “time” clients are getting of yours. Price is based on your prospect’s perception of how much pain is associated with their problem not being solved and their belief in your ability to solve it.

For example, if you can help save someone’s marriage for $5000 and they don’t have to pay $50,000 in attorney’s fees and the kids don’t have to go through life with separated parents, is that worth it?

…of course it is!

If you can remove that pain faster, easier and less expensive than this person can do on their own, then you’re doing them a favor and they’ll gladly pay you for your promise to remove it.

You’re going to do the work today or tomorrow but waiting to charge fees that are appropriate to the transformation you deliver only prolongs your clients results and your return on investment as a coach.

When you’re bringing on board clients who have highly invested in themselves through you, they take their investment much more seriously. They commit themselves to your work on a vastly deeper level and you generally will get better results for your clients because of it.

“But Tony, since this is a group shouldn’t I charge cheaper than my 1on1 clients and just increase my 1on1 prices?”

You could do that but I don’t simply because of the level of energetic investment that comes with the cheaper prices. I just don’t care for the attrition at those levels.

With the premium priced model you make more income, your clients get better results and you both enjoy the experience. You’re going to create more ongoing clients with this model because they really get a chance to eliminate their initial pain since being in an immersive experience with you for 6 to 8 weeks. This provides you with ongoing mentoring opportunities which

You’re going to create more ongoing clients with this model because they really get a chance to eliminate their initial pain since being in an immersive experience with you for 6 to 8 weeks. This provides you with ongoing mentoring opportunities which

This provides you with ongoing mentoring opportunities which adds to your yearly revenue.

Step 2: Pre-Sell Your Group Coaching Program

group coaching program

I’ve seen FAR too many people who spent months creating their first online program only to announce it to the world with only a trickle of sales. To generate $300.00 after 3 or 4 months of planning and executing can be truly heart wrenching.

But the reason this happens is because coaches I’ve spoken to admittedly tried to sell what they thought their prospects needed instead of what they wanted.

Your prospects buy what they want not what they need. So what do you do?

Instead, looking at the world from your prospects point of view is going to provide you far more dividends than not. If you can identify people starving for a solution to their problem and know where they hang out, you have good chance of helping them.

When you’re there, find out the symptoms of their problems. Really try and understand their perspective. When you can explain your prospects problems to them better than they can articulate it to themselves, they automatically see you as the authority and seek you out as the solution.

When you can explain your prospects problems to them better than they can articulate it to themselves, they automatically see you as the authority and seek you out as the solution.

The best thing about pre-selling is that you don’t spend months putting together what you think your audience needs. You get paid for explaining to them what you believe they want and then they pay you to confirm they want you to create it. Then you just deliver the training live and record it for later use.

And imagine how much easier delivering your program online will be when you already have 10 people signed up at $1000 to $5000 a piece? I usually don’t do more than 10 people per class myself. Eventually, you can turn your group coaching into an evergreen enrollment.

But for starters here’s the Pre-Sell Process:

  1. Promote a Free Webinar based around a problem to your own list or a promo partners.
  2. Prospects Apply for Call at the end
  3. Do Phone Call
  4. Decide if you want to work with them
  5. Enroll them

Step 3: Where To Find Large Numbers Of Your Ideal Prospects

coaching leads

You’re going to need the eyeballs of your target audience to pre-sell your first group.

Where will you get them if you’re not spending money on FB ads or doing a ton of guest posting on blogs?

There are two easy answers to this question:

  1. Your email list
  2. Someone else’s email list

So if you have your own email list you can pre-sell your program into it by promoting a webinar that leads the best prospects to a phone call that then turn into sales.

If you don’t have your own email list you can partner with someone who does have a targeted list of ideal people you can help. If you can provide their audience a high-quality webinar training with an offer of further help at the end, it makes them look cooler in their audience eyes.

And of course, your promo partner is going to earn a commission based on each person you sign up for your program.

You also grow your own email list very quickly this way too! So it’s a win/win for everyone.

Step 4: Leveraged Service Delivery

group coaching training

If you’re going to get more of your time back you want a system or formula that works for you.

So look for where can you leverage your expertise. Chances are there is a lot of material you say over and over to your 1on1 clients. It’s very repetitive when you think about it.

Imagine if instead, you did a sixty-minute training each week for six weeks on the concepts, principles or required steps to a webinar full of clients.

And at the end, you gave them homework to complete and then you invited them to a LIVE Q&A a few days later to discuss and go into detail.

So leveraged service delivery looks like:

  • One weekly training via webinar or teleclass
  • One Live Q&A a few days later.
  • A private forum or group for questions & support

Oh and the benefits of a leveraged service delivery is just as valuable to your clients as it is to your time freedom. When clients get to hear of each other’s problems they always bond and support one another.

For the person being coached in the group, it’s powerful and very attentive. For the listener, they get valuable insights they wouldn’t have gotten by themselves in 1on1 coaching.

The bonds I’ve seen made between clients in some of my group coaching programs has been epic. Two women even became the best of friends and traveled from Washington and Australia to finally meet in person!

Step 5: Get Help – Be what you want to attract

online business mentoring

The biggest struggle I see is when someone asks for the sale of a premium priced program but hasn’t actually ever invested at that level themselves. It’s an incongruence I haven’t seen anyone outrun.

It’s an incongruence I haven’t seen anyone outrun without experiencing the natural consequences.

Be the type of client you want. Invest at the level you want them to invest at so you get your results more efficiently than struggling.

What problems do you need to break through? Find someone who has done it and hire them to help you.

Find someone who has done it, invest in yourself and your outcomes and hire them to help you.

Premium Priced Group Coaching is a lifestyle type business for me. I can run a single group that generates multiple six figures a year while investing about 40 hours a month into the group.

I’ve invested at a very high level to be able to do this. And if I’d invested sooner, I’d be farther along than I am. None of my success would have been possible if I didn’t invest in the most important person. Me.

You see, most people don’t have a sales problem or even a lead problem.

They have an offer problem.

And ALL money flows to offers of perceived value. If people don’t give you money, they didn’t perceive there to be any value. It’s as simple as that.

I know that may seem cold but it has nothing to do with us being good or bad people. Sometimes you just make offers that miss the mark.

That’s where a mentor can help. It’s the things you don’t see that they already know that makes your lessons easier.

In Conclusion

in conclusion

So those are your 5 steps that support you in turning your expertise into a premium priced group coaching program.

1) Begin by embracing charging premium prices today, not tomorrow. It’s a win/win for you and your clients.

2) Next, pre-sell your first program before you create it so you save yourself lots of time and energy.

3) Line up your ideal prospects through either your own email list or someone else’s and provide a free webinar training to them.

4) Leverage your service delivery by doing one to many trainings with live Q&A on the backend of each week.

5) And get help with mentoring to simplify your business, get your results faster and be congruent with offering premium pricing programs. You’ll have a MUCH easier time bringing it all together, faster.

One important thing I haven’t mentioned here is what’s your offer that everything is based on?

Without an ideal offer to a targeted prospect niche, none of this will work right.

Would you like some help with this?

Would you like that help to come from me?

Let me know by going here, watching the free case study and apply to speak with me.

On Your Side,


My name is Tony Teegarden and I’m the founder of the High Ticket Blogging Formula and The High Ticket Hero.

Would you like to see the method that turns your expertise into a $2000 or even $5000 Per Person Online Group Coaching Program?

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